Daddy and Cooper Time

I have to admit when I opened the door after I got home from work, I almost freaked out...I could tell Jeremy was asleep on the couch...and Cooper wasn't screaming in his crib, it was 4:30 pm, not normal napping time...then I saw this:

Melts my heart and I'm pretty sure this morning when I left to go to work they were cuddled asleep in either they slept all day and moved rooms, or they played basketball too hard. For those that even have to wonder which one, they must have played to hard, I saw the video on Jeremy's phone. Cooper can put the ball in the hoop all by himself, I'm sure that melts Jeremy's heart!

Getting So Big....

It's been another really busy week since I last posted. I shot Amber and Tim's beautiful wedding last Saturday, we went to the Yukon vs.Santa Fe b-ball game to sit with some old friends...Yukon actually played them pretty well. It was fun to see Drew Hall, Cooper's self proclaimed best baby-sitter ever, even though he's never babysat for us. Work also continues to be busy and I had a photo shoot for Edmond Outlook. Add a little project for the Wedels, picking out our $7.00 tree at Lowes, and playing a competitive round of games with my family, and that about wraps everything up. In Cooper news he's starting to stand by himself for a few seconds, if you can distract him long enough, and see below for more big boy changes!

This car seat has done its job....a little to big with his coat, so....

A big boy car seat was needed, still facing backwards and not to chunky in the car. Still pretty cozy in his huge coat, but when its the only boy coat found by me or my mom (thanks mom!) that's 6-12 months you gotta go with it!

He loves mac and cheese!

And of course grilled cheese too!

Tags are good...

So my parents read my blog...mostly to see pictures of Cooper; so this morning when I took Cooper over there (Jeremy's 7th grade team had a game...which they won!)because I had a photo shoot, my Dad asked me about the shows I listed...he said he hadn't heard of a lot of them....he's never heard of The Hills which I thought was crazy considering how much Speidi is in the media...especially since they eloped, this makes me realize that maybe I should find something better to do with my time then watch The Hills. But we all know I'm not going to stop watching The Hills...I love reality TV. So why is the post titled "Tags are good"? Because when I went to pick Cooper up my Dad offered to take us to lunch to the Spicy Pickle, which was one of my favorite resturants, if you haven't tried it you really if I can figure out how to get to Island Burger.Thanks Dad for lunch!

Just when I thought...

I wasn't going to get tagged, my good friend Katie did the here is my list and since pretty much everyone else has been tagged, I won't tag anyone...

8 Shows I watch
1. The Hills
2. Top Chef
3. Priviliged
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Starter Wife
6. Rachael Ray
7. Jon and Kate plus 8
8. 90210

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Ted's
2. On the Border
3. Chilis
4. BJ's- they have the best pizza
5. Cheevers
6. Nona's-mostly for their strawberry shortcake
7. Spicy Pickle
8. Island Burger....only if I lived in NYC

8 Things That Have Happened Today (this will be hard since I'm still in bed)
1. I was woken up at 4:00 and 4:45, and 7:00 by my adorable son....
2. I fed Cooper
3. I changed Cooper's diaper...this has happended more then once
4. Watched Rachael Ray
5. Dipped cake pops for Katie C.'s shower
6. updated our blog
7. ate a sandwich
8. worked on our Christmas Card...all we need is the pic now!

8 Things I look forward to
1. The beach next summer
2. Christmas
3. sleep
4. snow
5. the next half marathon- I'm crazy, but I promise in a crazy way it makes you feel so good
6. cooking
7. Going on a date- I'll second and third that one...with my husband of course!
8. having more kids so Cooper can have some siblings!

8 Things I wish for
1. Heaven
2. Patience
3. To go to Tahiti
4. move to NYC
5. that I didn't have to work
6. a bigger house
7. more time to myself
8. a nice big hot tub


I know its been a while since we've updated this blog...but here is why:

-I've had photo shoots every weekend, except last weekend.
-Yukon's basketball season is in full swing, Cooper and I have not made an appearance at any games, but we're by ourselves just about every night, which makes for 1 tired mama
-Work has been so busy
-We made a quick trip to TX for Thanksgiving
-Finished half of our Christmas Shopping
-trying to catch up on laundry
-cleaning the house....again and again
-putting up Christmas decor
-I may have over committed myself to things the past 2 months, but it's almost all over

So to cheer everyone is apparently the "best baby they've ever had" and Santa Claus

Fall Pics

A few weeks ago I thought I'd make Cooper stand by this tree in our front yard for me to take some "fallish" pictures of him. Well he hit his head on the tree, so that's where the nice red mark on his forehead is from, but really I thought the pics were to cute not to post up, he's got some funny faces. Obviously he didn't hit his head all that hard.

9 Month Well Baby

Cooper had his 9 month check up today:

weight: 20.5 lbs
height: 28.5 inches

For a baby people were pretty worried about he now measures from not even on the chart to 50% on both ends, well just under in height apparently. But I feel like he's taller then a lot of babies his age, oh well what do I know. I don't think his weight is right on cause a different nurse weighed him on the scale we don't normally use, and of course he had a lot of cloths on, but he's close to 20 lbs. Everything else is great! The doc always says he's a keeper!

Next Time Around

Well as you may noticed I updated our race ticker....only a little over 5 months until the Memorial Marathon and I say bring it on! I'm planning on doing just the half, however Jeremy may tackle the full. I think maybe it bothers him that I have done a full and he has not....and since I have done one, I will not be participating in this one again. Maybe someday...when I get real good at the way distant future!

It is finished!

This picture is the last day of training....can't you tell Cooper loves training?
From half marathon

Before we get to the finish, this weekend was Jeremy's Birthday. So Friday night my parents and brothers, and sister Leslie came over for dinner. Saturday we got up and drove to Tulsa and did some shopping. Jeremy picked out some new basketball shoes and then we relaxed in the Hotel. We had dinner at Carrabara's Italin Grill to carb up for the 1/2 marathon. Well we finished, I have 4 blisters on my feet and even though a few hours ago I said I wouldn't ever do it again, you'll probably see me at the Memorial Marathon...but just the half again. Not quite ready to tackle another full yet. But for now I'll enjoy this week off and let my feet heal! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
From half marathon

Do you like Jazz?

The Lighthouse Medical Clinic is having a fundraiser this Sunday, the 16th. It is a Jazz tribute to Dizzy Gillepse. They are raising money to get a portable EKG machine,and they only need 176 more people to come at $25 to get the machine. But if you don't want to go, or can't come and would like to donate money to the cause I'm sure they would be more then grateful. You can go to for more information. The tickets are $15 and $25 each. So if you're interested or know anyone who might be, pass along the word! Oh and the concert is at OC at 2:00 p.m.

34 weeks

It's been a busy couple of weeks, we had the Baby Dedication at church, as you can see below Cooper loves his Bible! This weekend was Homecoming at OC....we didn't go to many events on Saturday, which says a lot about a past Homecoming director. Yukon had a scrimmage all morning, and I needed to run, then we had the Yukon basketball bash in Yukon, so it was still a busy day. I did manage to squeeze in the Theta 40th Anniversary dinner Friday which was fun, and I got to see a lot of old friends. Also, the Warriors came into town and we all went to Chili's for dinner last night. I think Lydia about gave us all a heart attack when she was being nice and gave Cooper a chip to eat...he did pretty well with it, but coughed a lot. Luckily Jeni was right there should anything have happened (she's a nurse, so nice to have around). So the question of the day is do our children look like a boy or a girl because we know that's what they are, is it really that hard to tell? This comes from having to take a family picture at the Yukon deal, the photographer kept calling Cooper a girl...he does not look like a girl and was wearing nothing girly. So I'm interested to see what other people think about that, or do you have a story about that situation. Hope everyone has a great week!

Halloween (33 weeks)

Well here is the Halloween Costume....obviously he hated the hat...oh well, he'll come running if you shine the light!

God is Good!

From Untitled Album

I was with April on the way back from visiting the Evans at the hospital when she got the call....the Brazilian guy that's been giving them trouble with their visas is approving them on November 7th! I'm so sad that they will be leaving, but so excited for them to start their great work in Brazil. If you have been praying for the McGees, Gotchers, and Nichols, here is proof it works! They'll be sticking around for another week then they're off for at least 5 years. We went to Ted's to celebrate tonight....and we joked that even though we definitely plan to visit them during their stay, we won't be allowed to stay with them cause we'll have too many kids. Guess you never know! Anyways, I know Cooper will miss his temporary babysitters who out of the 12 days my mom keeps him in a month, they've had him 7....maybe she needed a break. They are now officially not ready to have kids!

Annual Pumpkin Carving

Every year since I can remember we have gone to Papa Staff's and Mama Jo's to carve pumkins. Mama Jo calls everyone to make sure we can all be there. This year since we had a busy weekend, the only time everyone could get together was Wednesday night after church, as you can tell by the picture progression, Cooper was wearing out. Also...just curious, has anyone carved a small pumpkin? We've now tried twice to carve on out for Cooper and it's way to hard. Oh well, it's not like he'll remember this Halloween anyway. Just wait until his cool costume pics are posted, he's going to be super cool!

8 Months

Well compared to our relaxing vacation last week, it was all a distant memory this week. Monday I took the day off and Cooper didn't want to take a nap, so I thought we'd go to the park. It's funny how he loved the swing at the park, but doesn't love the one at home so much. Below you can see the adorable pictures of him at the park. Well, after a busy week at work, Friday night Jeremy and I thought it would be a good idea to go for a little 10 mile run, cause with 2 photo shoots, b-ball practice, and an adobtion reception for the Bairds on Saturday we didn't have time to do it then. My wonderful friend, who also is a terrific housesitter (if you ever need one) came over to watch Cooper so he wouldn't get cold. I will say I'm had the best photo shoots yesterday, 1 of the cutest family and another at a wedding reception at Oak Tree, both beautiful families. Then today we had our adopted girls over for lunch and pumpkin carving, it was great to see them since we havent' seen them since the first of September. So that wraps up an ever so busy but great week at the Young house. Also please keep Zane and April McGee, and the Gotchers, and Nichols in your prayers, they were supposed to leave on the 13th for Brazil, but are having trouble with their visas, so they're still not approved to go and as much as April is a great fill-in for my mom who has been gone a lot this month, we want them to be able to start their work in Brazil! Well enjoy the pictures!

31 weeks

We're back from a very relaxing, perfect vacation. It wasn't to short, not to long, and I got more sun then I bargained for. We would highly recommend Puerto Vallarta to anyone, the ocean was so warm I couldn't believe it, especially for being on the Pacific Coast. I got a lot of sleep and had a nice break, which was all worth it to see sweet Cooper's face last night when we finally made it to my mom and dads. It took us about a total of 6 hours to get there, and 11 hours to get back which is crazy, but oh well. While we were in Mexico Cooper I'm sure was royally spoiled by grandma, grandpa, and I'm pretty sure Zane and April as well. As long as it isn't us that's spoiling him, I don't mind him getting spoiled. The most imporatant thing was that he was well taken care of in our absence. Well now I better get on with doing laundry and going to the grocery store, all things I took off today to complete....oh and spending a lot of time with Coop, who I have found standing up with all the help he can get everywhere around this house. It scares me a little because I know he's moments away from busting his head, but actually as I watch him I noticed he is much sturdier and in control then I thought he'd be. Here are some pics, and few I took while we were gone.

We'll miss you!

Well we're headed off early tomorrow morning for a little relaxing vacation, just Jeremy and I, and I will for sure miss Cooper a ton, but in the long run, really its the best thing for everyone. Jeremy and I get to spend some time together, grandma and grandpa get to spend some time spoiling Cooper, a win-win for everyone right!?!
And not to be selfish....but heres to hopefully not raining on us the whole time. (Yes Jeremy will miss him too)

30 weeks?

Why the ?, cause I'm loosing track of weeks. Well last week the Parkers and Warriors came into town, so Cooper got to play with his cousins a little bit. Not to much other exciting news around here, Cooper is more adventurous in crawling around and now goes from room to room. So he's getting harder to keep track of. We may need to make an investment in some gates. Well more to come soon from this week, I need to stay up to date.

Idol Fan....

Does anyone remember this guy?

So the other day, I think it was maybe Saturday while making my 2nd trip to Starbucks (you may say I have a slight addiction) I knew I saw him walking out. The one on Memorial and Bryant...well today at CWBS a lady comes in and says that she saw the "Somewhere over the rainbow" guy at a wedding this weekend, his girlfriend apparently was in the wedding. So I'm not crazy and I did see Jason Castro, who I loved to watch on American Idol because he just looked like he was begging people to vote him off....and he stayed on forever. At least that's one problem in my life solved. I feel better now.

Race for the Cure

Yes its another Race for the Cure post, cause everyone was there. I didn't plan on there being over 16,000 participants in the race, it was so crazy, and I'm so mad we didn't take a picture at the start with Cooper. Jeremy and I did the 5k, while my mom and Sally pushed Cooper in the stroller for the 1 mile, they both said next year they'd rather do the 5k, and if the lady I emailed had told me that strollers were welcome on the 5k race we would've taken Cooper with us....well there is always next year. My mom took these pictures, there is one more, but for some reason Cooper is pushing me out of the picture. So I'm not showing it.

Well next up is the "big one", the Route 66 half marathon in a month, but we're only 1 week away from vaca!

to answer the comment

We got the WII Fit at the video game store my AMC at Quail Springs Mall, I don't remember the name, Game Stop maybe? I know they are hard to find though, they might call you when they come in. Also tomorrow is Cooper's first race...he's going with my mom and Sally, Jeremy and I will see them at the finish line!

WII Fit update

Well for those that were interested in my WII Fit adventure, I'm liking it more. I don't remember if I have mentioned this but you can record other activity, the only bad thing is I think you have to do it on the day you do the activity. I've lost 2.3 lbs since I've started, so its not so insulting anymore. I'm really enjoying the Yoga, especially after the runs, its a great way to stretch out. I haven't been very good about doing this every day so October is a new leaf so to speak and I'm going to attempt to get on it,record my activity, do a body test, and at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. That'll probably last about as long as my no desserts after my birthday lasted, I think all in all 2 weeks on that. However I'm trying out another new eating plan for a few months to see if it works. So I'd recommend the WII Fit, however I will not say this is the reason I lost the pounds, we're in pretty heavy training right now running a lot of miles a week, so I'm sure that can be attributed to that exercise. But I guess all combined its a good thing!

Become a member

Last year I decided that I wanted to try to collect Disney Movies for our kids to watch, so last week I joined the Disney Movie Club. I had been invited before, but was hesitant to join, until I researched it more. Here is my receipt for my first purchase:
Item Qty Ship Qty Price Ext Price
DVD-TOY STORY 10TH ANN. ( 1 1 $.25 $.25
DVD-BABY WORDSWORTH (FS) 1 1 $14.95 $14.95
DVD-BUG'S LIFE(COLL.ED)(W 1 1 $.25 $.25
DVD-(FS)-LION WITCH & WAR 1 1 $.25 $.25
3D CARD - WELCOME 1 1 $.00 $.00

Item Subtotal: $25.90
Tax: $.00
Total: $25.90

$25.90 for all these movies, now mind you I do have to buy 4 Disney movies at the regular price of $19.95 in the next 3 years, pluse the $3.95 shipping and handling, but if I buy them all at once the shipping will be $3.95 plus $1 more per movie. Since I got a great deal on the first order and you are supposed to get special offers I thought oh why not....if you want to sign up leave a comment and I'll send you an invitation.

7 months

Well here are 29 and 30 weeks combined since we took a brief break to brag on Cousin Levi. This week we had to rearrange our furniture in our living room and keep things cleaned up, why you might ask....well as I've said before Cooper has been tempting us for a while with his mad crawling skills. On Wednesday I went to Stillwater for work (and got to have lunch with my first child Colby!) and my mom called and said Cooper was crawling everywhere. He's not completely stable, but everyday he gets better. I find him a lot in the bathroom "talking". We have to lock the rocking chair and put up the ottomon becase Cooper likes to think he can stand up with those. That's just a disaster waiting to happen. He tries to pull up on just about everything, so we'll see how long this crawling thing last. He also likes to pull up the corner of the rug in the living room, I was wondering if the wood floors would bother him when he started crawling, the answer is, not at all. He's not to adventureous yet, mostly he'll stay in whatever room you put him in, except he goes from his room to the bathroom, which could easily be solved by me closing the bathroom door. So that's pretty big news at our house. He's also getting a tooth, his front tooth is coming in, he won't show it to you, everytime I try to look at it he sticks his tong tongue out, so I'll try to get a picture of it, but don't count on it. He are some pics from the past couple of weeks.

Crazy Weekend

On Wednesday when my Mom mentioned she and my Dad were thinking about driving to Arkansas after church at Capital Hill on Thursday and surprising Jeni, for some crazy reason I thought, maybe that's not such a bad idea. So Thursday around 8, (at night) we packed up and headed to Arkansas, my Dad, Mom, Cooper and I. We arrived at the Monan's at 1 am....this really wasn't such a bad idea because Cooper slept all 5 hours, so it was a good trip for him. We surprised Jeni at the hospital when she arrived, and we all got to hang out a while, like 2 hours before they took her in for surgery. As you can see below, those crawling skills Cooper has been working on, really went well, I think he crawled faster to Lydia then he's ever attempted to crawl to me, the best was when she got down and put her hands out, it was so cute. Well, since Jeni has introduced Levi to the blogging world here are a few of the hundred pictures or so I took for them that day, my favorite one is Necon walking out of the operating room with him, I think it's so sweet. Okay, so that doesn't sound so crazy, I know that's what you're thinking. Let me know if you think the rest of the story is crazy, we left Arkansas at 10:30 am...Friday morning to head back to OKC so I could make it to Gutrhie to film Candace Spencer's I went straight from my parents car, booked it to Guthrie and made it there by about 4:45 pm. I filmed the wedding and Jeremy and I left around 9:45 pm, Saturday I had two photoshots, then Sunday taught class, and Jeremy and I spend the whole evening after church putting together a new tv stand for our new tv. We decided to purchase a new one, after the one we bought when we were married kept turning off, this is after having it fixed a few months ago. It is very tramatic when the tv can't stay on during Baby Einstein at our house, not to mention when it turns off while trying to play the WII, that gets frustrating. Well here are some pics from our trip to AR, I have some others of Cooper that I'll post later....have a great Monday! And for those that are wondering, Levi was 7.5 lbs, and 21 inches long....he'll probably be tall like his daddy with his 3.5 inch long feet, yes we had the nurse measure his feet, they might have been longer then Coopers.

cool cuz

Levi is here! Everyone is doing great! Yeah! More pics to come.


6. Obviuosly I don't follow direction was supposed to be 6 random things about me, for some reason I thought it was 5, maybe my eyesight is going, that's what happens when you read old documents all day.

Tag, I'm it

Well I got tagged by Ginny, I have never been tagged before and I'm not that interesting so here goes for 5 things about me:

1. If Jeremy would let me, I'd move us all to New York City, I love that place.

2. I am left handed, and so is Jeremy, so we're guessing Coop will be a lefty too!

3. I love fried Okra, it is probably my favorite food, but I don't eat it very much

4. I am currently addicted to Teeny Bopper shows, I can't help it, I know they're stupid.

5. I still love NSYNC and frequently listen to their old cds, I am so hoping for a reunion at some point.

Well, there you have it....

Cox vs. AT&T

Wanted: Fellow bloggers and blog stalkers that might use AT&T over cox cable and internet. I am trying to convince Jeremy that switching to AT&T will be better, he's worried about outages, and I'm excited about the money we'll save by switching, and the extra perks like a 2nd DVR for myself! Please comment if you use AT&T, if you like it, or don't like it!


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