Valentine's Day

Well I may have almost forgot Cooper would need Valentine's for his class, but found some great lego inspiration on Pinterest and Pinkitzel had the candy in he took these babies to school!

He also felt we all needed to come to his little party at school....

While he was at school the girls and I made Dad a treat for him after his game....cause Valentine's day on a Friday in Feb means a basketball game!

The kids and I headed on to Edmond and we spent the evening with the Stevens girls, their Dad had to work too!

And we wrapped up Valentine's day with a family outing to Beauty and the Beast, all the kids did great!

The Belle dress made Kellyn look so old! It wasn't really in the plans for the 2 little ones to join us, but that's what happened! Hope everyone else had a great Valentine's it's back to basketball! Playoffs start this weekend and I for one have some high hopes! So keep those fingers crossed!

We all survived!

Well my mom has been gone a week and we are all still alive, tired but alive! We went to 2 basketball games with the help of some great moms, made a day trip to Edmond for Drew's 2 week checkup, and slept some! At Drew's checkup we ran into a little problem, his bell didn't fall off. So while I was just waiting for it all to come off; it wasn't going to happen. The perks of going to your uncle is when he isn't sure he has another doc and urologist come to look. After a quick consult with a ped urologist they tried to cut the string, but it still didn't come off. So we were sent to the ped urologist at Children's, which lucky me my aunt took time out of her day to be with us. She has an office in the same building. So they had to use a ring cutter to cut off the plastic of the bell that remained. He is healing just fine now! We go back Wednesday for a checkup just to make sure things are good to go! So that was a little stressful, but all worked out fine! Here are a few pics from the past week!

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