So I catered a wedding....

Yeah, I did....for about 250 of my closest friends. (or mostly people I don't know) So here is what I made, there was also some fruit, a mashed potato bar, and bread that I did not make. (I just planned that and those were made by the Ole Corale Cafe, owned by the Bride's mom)

Roasted Asparagus, meatballs, and chicken chunks (I guess I didn't make those either)

Chicken and Steak Kabobs and Spinach & Artichoke Dip served with bagel crisp. Here is my grilling man, he grilled about 375 kabobs total....

This was my trusted clip board with all my list:

There was also some green punch that was awesome, but I don't have a picture of it. Oh and a green salad. So no we aren't opening a business, but if you twisted my arm I would cater for you!
***this catering would not be possible without my BFF Jenny who helped me a ton and Jeremy who grilled, and the ovens at Kiowa Church of Christ since the pans didn't fit in mine!

The Party.....

Here is Maddie's Garden Dessert Party....I figure it was the perfect bit of over done for a first birthday. I will say with prom the same week this party would have never happened without my mom and Brennan Mitchell who helped put favors together, baked, rolled, dipped, and played with my kids! So without further wait....

the invite....

Dessert Table

Dress yourself....wings, headbands, butterfly nets....
oh and of course, see how cute my model is!

the backyard set up.....luckily some clouds pushed away right in time

Maddie's cake

the fam....

the birthday girl (no she isn't walking, she has help!)

opening presents, can you see how excited she is about her own lap top?

Alright mom, dad, give me that cake!
(she was grunting and reaching for it, we couldn't even light the candle....oh that was the wind's fault)

Now this is a party!

Hi....I know you're all watching me!

you might say she enjoyed her do you people do it leaving your kids clothes on?

party favors....made by Brennan, she did a great job of putting my vision together!

Well, that wraps it up. If you're wondering yes I did make all the desserts, cake pops, cup cakes, mini key lime pies, mini chocolate ice box pies, sugar cookies, m&m cookie sandwiches, frozen grapes in almond bark, and pretzels rolled in almond bark with sprinkles! (Like I said my Mom and Brennan did help!)

One Year Pics.....

Here are a few collages of Maddie's one year pics, there were entirely too many good ones to narrow them down......she is a little diva!

Happy Birthday!!!!


After 364 days of being in an infant seat we thought on her birthday we'd switch her up!

She's a big girl now!! Don't worry massive birthday party post coming soon! It was pretty much amazing if I do say so myself!

Prom Pit crew

Well tonight was prom. Jeremy is the Junior Class sponsor so he was in charge. So I volunteered to help out. I conned my mom into coming down and helping as well. So she made plans to be here all week. Cousin Brennan decided to come a long. She was such huge help with the kids.

We made trees out of cardboard. Cooper even helped paint.

He loved painting.
My kids were perfectly behaved angels while we set up this morning. I started cooking for prom on I'm done. Here is what I made....

Pigs in a blanket (cheese smokies and puff pastry)

Sweedish meatballs (they didn't look this dark in person and they were amazing!)

Copy Cat recipe of Chili's Southwest Egg Rolls (the little company store fried these for me!)

Ham and Cheese and Turkey and Cheese on Butter Rolls

Chili's made chips and Salsa

Now for the good stuff....

Cookie Sandwiches, always a big hit!

Mini white and Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate Fruit cups (so the wrappers were not supposed to be on these, but they kept breaking)

Mini Chocolate Cream pies, these were Delish!

I also had water, lemonade, and a cranberry grape/ginger ale punch.

Well, that's all.....I'd hate to follow this prom! So days of prep, 5 hours of setting up, 3 hours of fun, and 22 minutes of clean up. That 22 minutes is shorter then the time it took me to drive to prom. Crazy!

Easter 2011

Easter was so 2 weeks ago and all, but things have been a little crazy. Really I blog a lot from my phone, so I'm just now getting to posting some pics from Easter. I'm sure my Mom will love to see them....Mom, do you read this? She's actually coming tomorrow for a week to help with Prom and Maddie's Birthday party. (And anything else I can possibly rope her into this week!) So here is Easter in pics.....really some of these were just way to cute not to share, Maddie loved Easter!

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