31 weeks

Merry Late Christmas! Jerermy and I had a busy week starting with his parents and younger brother and sister coming Saturday for a visit. We enjoyed the time we got to spend with them and hope to see them sometime soon. This week was full of busy activities for my mom's birthday and of course Christmas. I would say Cooper got some good gifts I'm sure he'll cherish forever, like a rug, curtains, a painter for his room.....he did get 2 very cute outfits, a Texas sweatshirt and another basketball warm up. Yes, our son will be sporty! As I mentioned part of our gift was a painter for Cooper's room, since I am not supposed to paint my parents thought it would be easier to hire someone to do it while I was at work, Jeremy is busier with basketball practice then we thought he'd be, so Wednesday he will paint the room and then we can hang up the pictures and get some things ready! I'll have some before and after pictures as soon as we're done!

Christmas morning in our pjs...

Playing my brother's Rock Band game....I'm not such a good drummer but a very good lead singer!

29/30 weeks

Last week with the ice all of our basketball games got canceled and my parents had to stay with us for a few days due to their power being out. On Saturday we went to our birth class that was very informative and good times were had there. That's about all I'll say about that, if you want the details I'll be happy to share in person, but not on the blog. Saturday night we had our 3rd Young/Wedel/Lauxman Christmas party...where the youngest of the 6 declared that she should be the babysitter because she is closest in age to Cooper...(imagine a 4th grader saying this with icing covering her face. Here are a few shots from the party.

Group Picture

I am not sure that I even have the biggest belly!

Santa Fe won their game last night in Stillwater and I got to spend some time with an old friend which was so nice. Today was the day we, or at least I have been looking forward to for a long time, we had our 3d/4d ultrasound. Cooper likes to lay with his feet at his face, and he holds them there. It's so crazy. But here is a nice slideshow for those of you who could see Cooper Live today. We have a video too if you ever want to see it, I'm sure we'll be glad to show it to you!! So here is what I like to refer to in basketball language as a pregame warmup.....enjoy!

28 weeks

Don't worry, we're still alive here at the Young house. Last week was so busy between basketball games and a wedding we're pretty wiped out. I think God knows because it iced today so we've been just hanging around the house after church this morning. Santa Fe is having a good basketball season and all the boy's teams have won! Next week there are 4 games so it'll be another busy one, but it's fun to watch them play. Also April and Zane got married so I was busy with showers, parties, rehearsals, and wedding stuff. Now they are married and enjoying some sunny times in Mexico, we'll get to see April again sometime after Cooper comes!

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