When did my bed become his toy box?

Probably when this sweet thing was brought home!

Maddie's MRCC shower

We may not technically be members there anymore but the JSO class was so sweet to throw a little meet Maddie and shower time before we came back to Pittsburg. I say technically we aren't members there because we will be attending church at MRCC for the whole month of July, plus I've been a member for 28 years, they can't kick me out of that place! So thank you to all my friends who made this time so special. Girls showers are so much more fun then boys, the stuff is just so much cuter!

Me with Maddie, she was out for most of her shower.....

You'll see alot more pictures of her on this tuffet! My mom made it.

Thanks so much girls! It was fun!

Out to the Farm

We took Cooper to see the Baby Cows out at a Friend's Farm. He had so much fun seeing the cows then played for a long time on their swing set. I thought it would wear him out, but he's still up and running 50 miles an hour. I wish I had his energy!


Then on our way home we had to stop at Pops, Maddie was waking up and ready for her bottle and Cooper still was oh so thirsty!

one week

I can't believe it has been one week since we welcomed Maddie. I know what people say when they just can't imagine life without that new little one. She is so sweet, gaining weight, and of course doing a lot of sleeping! Thanks to the wonderful help from my parents and husband I am recovering so well. I ended up not needing to fill my script and the motrin is controlling my soreness. We do have to constantly remind Cooper that Mommy's tummy has to go back together. He's doing really well with everything, but still doesn't really understand why I can't pick him up. Lucky for him he's got 3 other people that are more then happy to do it. I did take Maddie to her first chick flick last night, she slept nicely through Letters to Julliet. So happy 1 week Maddie, we are so glad you are here and we Love You!!

"hold her"

My doc was nice enough to let us leave the hospital yesterday. Not before writing a pain script for me, that I didn't plan on filling until Cooper plowed into my stomach, that didn't feel so good. We left about an hour before that massive hail storm hit, so I'm glad we made it home.

I'm convinced that maybe by the end of this week I won't look like I got run over by a truck!
Maddie all ready to go.

The car seat took some adjusting for her. My mom and Aunt worked so hard to make Cooper's infant seat Maddie's infant seat. I'm so happy with how great it turned out!

Cooper has asked several times to "hold baby sister", we get him all set up and then he's off to do anything else. Last night he finally was serious, and now we have literally almost 100 pics of this....but seriously, wouldn't you.

He kept telling her "look at mom" it was about the cutest thing ever. He also told her all about his trains and asked her to play trains, in a few months, he may be regretting that one. Now all he wants to do is hold her and kiss her head. He is being very gentle, so he's doing a great job!

"Little Sister"

Sorry for the wait, but here are some more pics of Miss Maddie. It has become clear, that the liquid diet for me after a c-section is not a good idea, so finally today I'm up and feeling a lot better.

Maddie is doing great, she is wide-eyed when she's awake, she eats so good, and she sleeps a lot. She looks a lot like her big brother, who calls her "Little Sister". Really he hasn't shown a ton of interest, trains and elevators at the hospital are much more fun then little sisters. We are still in the hospital and maybe we'll get to go "home" (to my parents) tomorrow, but it might be Monday. We'll see. Besides the surgery getting a little late start, of no fault of ours, everything else has gone perfectly smoothly! Here are some pics, I'm sure they'll be many more to show in the next few days.


This is it, see you on the other side! Can't wait!

He's excited too, but it's more about the chocolate milk!

(this pic is from yesterday, he may have chocolate milk for breakfast, but not cookies!)

Food is ready

So I decided since when we go back to Pittsburg in June for the month, I might be a little overwhelmed with 2 kids, summer league basketball, Pittsburg basketball camp, and a husband who is teaching driver's Ed; I'd make some food while I had time. So 2 weeks ago I purchased enough food for the time left here before Maddie comes and enough to freeze some meals. I ended up with 9 casseroles, 4 cups of cooked chopped chicken, and left over brisket from my grandparents this past weekend. It won't last us a month, but it'll be enough for when I don't feel like cooking!

Now my freezer looks like this:


Only one more weekly picture left of Maddie! She is officially scheduled to come Friday at noon! Funny story about that:
I scheduled my c-sec months ago so Thursday at my appointment my doc says you don't have to come in next week, I'll see you Friday. Obviously sounds good to me, but I need to know what time. He goes "let's go check", he goes to see and I am not on the schedule. This really happened because we were not sure where I would be delivering. Luckily I didn't get bad news where he assured me if it wasn't Friday it would be Thursday! So they called and it is all set up. My biggest worry is how am I not going to not eat or drink anything after midnight on Thursday? I'm sure I'll make do! I'm off to finish my grandma's birthday cake for tomorrow, then a baby shower for a good friend, and one last photoshoot for my Vienna parents! So busy day ahead! That is what happens when you're in the big city!
Oh, one last funny story, mostly so I won't forget to tell Jeremy. Yesterday my mom and I were looking up something, and Cooper walked by me and gave me a "good game" pat, you know basically slapped me on the butt (which for him was more like back upper thigh) and kept walking into his "room" at grandmas. My mom looked at me and said "well I think that's something he's seen his dad do!" I didn't know whether to be mortified that my 2 year old just did that, or laugh about it. I choose the later.

Home Sweet Home

Since we are officially staying in Pittsburg next year, and we are officially staying in this house, here is where we live! So enjoy! I'll do a nice little tour of the town another time, but there are probably more pictures to show of our house then the town!

So there it is!! It's a cozy little home, but it's super nice and we are really liking it there.


Today at church a lady asked me if I was just having one baby.... Awesome right? Well here Maddie is at 37 weeks...

I really dont think I am all that big.
And here's Cooper, just to be fair!

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