Newkirk Basketball Camp!

Last week we had a successful Newkirk Basketball Camp. We always think we should have a ton of kids, but we grew a little from last year! So total I think 21 campers. We use part of this money to help the big boys out with camp fees that they go to during the summer. They work the camp for that money. You can't really say it's a money maker for us, but it helps with expenses of our weekly senior breakfast and the 2-3 times we have the entire team over for meals. We put our kids to work too....they are all already gym rats.

Pre-K Grad and Last Day of School

So Monday Cooper graduated from Pre-K. I almost made it not crying through the whole thing until his teacher started talking about how wonderful it is that the parents entrust their kids to their care and how much fun they had with them. (I was also so sore, sick, and tired, but like that ever matters to a mom) I think it got me a little because since I wasn't in Newkirk the first 2 weeks of Cooper's school I owe it all to his teachers for making him love school and taking such good care of him. So for those of you that don't know, or forgot Pre-K at Newkirk is all day every day, and Cooper loved loved loved every second of it. He did so well and can do so much now. He knows all his upper/lower case letters, all the letter sounds, his vowels, can write his name, can count to 100, and write his numbers 1-20. He can also write words if you tell him how to spell them. He finished all his sight words they send home throughout the year. He can read small books, and lots of other things. Yes I know I'm bragging, but he is such a smart kid, and we are so proud of him. We are so thankful for his teachers, even though it may be their fault I'm PTO president next year. So here are a few graduation pics, my parents and Uncle Dan even made the trip for it. They sang a few songs and told what each kid wanted to be when they grew up.

(I made the little push up cake pops with graduation hats for Cooper's class, they were so cute!)

Today was the last day of school a/k/a Maddie's birthday. (Maddie's party is in a few weeks, so trust me, she'll get her blog time then) So if you go to school in a small town you have a field day, which means you spend all day on the football field playing games, having races, jumping on blow up toys, and eating popcorn, cotton candy, and snowcones. Yes, it was the best last day of school I've ever been to. So the girls and I went up for a bit in the am, but didn't stay for long; since it's organized chaos little siblings aren't able to jump on the blow up toys, partially for safety from the bigger kids. But Maddie enjoyed Hula Hooping, playing the "sand box" or the long jump sand, and walking on "stilts" or buckets with strings attached to them. Luckily their mom spends way to much time on Pinterest so I had a "Welcome to Summer" party planned for when Cooper got home. It was a hit, we had kites, water balloons, water guns, and bubbles. They loved it!

So now we'll be hanging out for the summer while Dad does a lot of basketball camps in June and looking forward to our vacation in July.....with no injuries this time.

Double the fun....

My cousin got married this past weekend! The girls and I went to Edmond early to help my mom out decorating for everything! My girls were troopers! They practically lived up at church for 2 days!

Kellyn loves her Aunt Sue! She fell asleep in her lap while we tied a fabric curtain! So while we helped them get ready to marry my cousin off; I had agreed to help out another wedding!

That would be my breakfast supplies to feed 250 of my closest friends! Since my fam was tied up with Charlie's wedding one if my friends offered to help me out with my catering gig. She loves in Mustang so was so nice to keep all the food at her house and arranged for us to cook at the church they attend! So Thursday was split between both wedding preps, Friday was dedicated to my cousins prep!

And what a delicious rehearsal dinner they had! The older girl cousins took the soon to he newest member of our family and her friends out after dinner. (Super smart planning on our part, cause staying out til 2ish is always a good idea!) Luckily I'm pretty used to no sleep, so after a family brunch I headed out to the other wedding where my friend and I cooked, cooked, and cooked some more. Not going to lie, it was crazy busy, and it didn't go flawless, but overall turned out great! I learned a lot for next time I cook breakfast for that many people! So what did we serve up for breakfast? Biscuits, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, gravy, and some ham (cooked by someone else) There was also a make your own waffle bar with lots of toppings, and a good fruit selection!

So all in all it went so well. If you ever need an inexpensive option to feed a lot of people breakfast is the way to go! I'm pretty sure the bride and brides mother were happy with the results and hopefully I saved them some $$! I wanted to take more pics of everything, but honestly I just ran out of time!

28 days.....

Well, back in September I randomly signed up to be an Arbonne Consultant....I have always used their products on myself and my babies, but I was very intrigued by their 28 days to a healthy living detox diet.

I put it off for many months "because I was nursing" was the excuse I was giving myself. So when I started weaning Kellyn I went for the diet, starting April 1st. Jeremy was nice enough to join me in 28 days of basically clean eating! So we mostly followed their food suggestions and replaced breakfast meals with a protein shake. Which for him was some sort of heat up breakfast sandwich and for me was my coffee and granola bar. We had some creative meals thanks to this site, this one, and this one. Like the pic below, a dessert one night of berries and whipped coconut cream. (Which is actually really really good!)

Of course Jeremy dropped about 20 lbs and I dropped 13 lbs. So it was a successful venture. The outcome of course is this is definitely a life style change if we want to keep the weight off. Our clean eating was paired with a lot of exercise too! We decided to eat clean during the week and on the weekends be a little more less strict. So it's goodbye bread, dairy, gluten, and sweets! Hello to lots of fresh veggies, proteins, rice flour, and berries! Overall I will say I have a ton more energy (or maybe that's cause Kellyn is finally sleeping through the night) and my running is improving a lot faster then before. But you bet I went out on Monday and treated myself to this....

Although I felt so sick after my first drink, so I'll stay with the soy's apparently a lot easier on my body!

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