My birthday!

I'm officially another year older....I feel like I needed a few weeks for this to sink in! But in reality I had a great day and I wish it was my birthday everyday! My mom and Brittany came to meet me for coffee in Tulsa! They kicked off the day with some lovely gifts!

How cute is that filled cake stand? It doesn't stay full for long around here! I can't wait to see Norah Jones in a few weeks! Then Jeremy took my out to Mi Concina....a trendy tex-me place in Tulsa, the food was awesome! I'd highly recommend checking it out!

Then instead of a movie we went bed shopping! Which after looking around I decided I could probably make a head board for at least half as much as the less expensive ones. My dear friend Jodi agreed so finally last week my dreams came true!


After: (I'm still on the hunt for some more pillows!)

So here's to my family, for making my day great!!

Ballet & Soccer!

Cooper really wanted to play soccer this year. Since he sat out last year we signed him up. He's playing up a league so mostly it's all good practice!

This year since Tulsa is closer to is we decided to move Maddie to the Tulsa Ballet Center for Education (it was a harder decision then it probably should've been, and we miss Miss Lisa dearly!) Kellyn was very excited to learn that she could take classes there as well. Their classes were back to back Wednesday and Saturday. So we rush real quick after school on Wednesday to get them there! But it's a good ballet school and I'd take the hour and half round trip over the 4 hour round trip!

First day of school!

Well the kids all have now had their first day of school in Porter! They are all doing fabulous and love their new school! Cooper and Maddie both started August 13th and Kellyn started the 3 year old program September 1st! I was most worried about Cooper making this transition, but he likes his teacher and there is a boy in his class from church, which helps a lot! It's a little harder to make a move when you've got kids in school, but God has really made this transition super easy!!

Meanwhile this little guy is learning about trains!

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