drumroll please.......

We are coming to EDMOND.....for 3 weeks! It's that time of year, good old Cage Camps. Since Jeremy works them, why not all come and cramp my parents house? (They really love it.) So if you see us around, at Starbucks, Church, Target, the Mall, no, we didn't move back, just hanging out for a bit!

Not the big news you were looking for? Well, I guess there is more......we are moving out of Pittsburg! There is a lot I could say about this whole situation, but I've kept quiet, and I'll be pretty quiet about it all, so here is what you need to know. We have been looking for a new coaching job since, well it seems like Basketball started here. We started searching big time Feb/March. After countless resumes sent (cause there were a lot), a ton of good interviews for Jeremy, he got offered a job at Newkirk High School. Newkirk is by Ponca City, so he's moving up! It's a bigger school, that's growing, and we are both very excited about this. So what do you need to know about Newkirk......well this really
That's right, Ponca City has a Starbucks, it may be in a grocery store, but it's not 1.5 hours away!
Don't get me wrong, Pittsburg has had it's moments, and we love love love our friends at Kiowa Church of Christ. We will visit them, cause we will miss them, or they will miss our kids. I will say I'm thankful for this move to Pittsburg, cause it was the first one, and I feel like God put us here to meet those wonderful people we go to church with. They have been so loving to our kids, us, and so supportive of Jeremy during his job search and our whole situation here. Of, course they know everything, it's a small area, they hear things, they saw things. (DISCLAIMER: we have met other people, outside of church that we hang out with and become lifelong friends with, so there are some of those around here.)
So how do you move when you're on "vacation"? Well we're packing everything up and paying July Rent, cause our Landlords have been the best people ever to rent from, and we don't want to leave them high and dry (and we don't know exactly where we are moving to), while Jeremy works camps, I'll go look at houses, then hopefully some weekend in July Jeremy and I will come back to Pittsburg, load a truck and drive it the 4 hours to Newkirk, unload it, and we will settle in after returning from the beach. Which will drive me crazy thinking about all our stuff, sitting in a house, in boxes, but it is what it is. We are just so thankful God was faithful and Jeremy has a good job that he's excited about. So please pray for us as we move, that we will find another good church home, and be a blessing to those boys!

Family Getaway....

This past week Jeremy's little brother graduated High School. Since Jeremy is currently on Summer break, the Tuesday before Graduation on a Wednesday we decided we'd book a room and head to Great Wolf Lodge for the night. The kids didn't like it at all.....

Or it was the best day and a half they've ever had....you decide!

And we even made it just in time to Graduation!

Jorden with his 2 nieces and 1 of his 3 nephews....they aren't to sure about him.....(they really love him)

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