Coop and Kellyn

Cooper wanted his picture with Kellyn while I was taking a few shots of her, he stayed still for 2 shots, but I love this picture......

Educational Outing

I had to bring Kellyn to Edmond for her 2 week well child check. Yes, my kids go see a doc in Edmond still, but it's such a pain to move doctors, and I only take them for well child checks, so it works out. She is doing great, weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 ounces, which officially makes her my largest child. Pretty sure the first child to hit 8lbs. before their 2 month appointment, which isn't a bad thing!

Anyways, Cooper always watches this Dinosaur Train and Land Before Time shows at my parents house. So my Dad took Thursday off and we went here. The Sam Noble Museum in Norman. If you haven't been there, I'd recommend it. It's a great museum, it's probably one of the best ones I've ever been to. The kids were so excited, they loved seeing all the fossils. They loved the big dinos, really everything they saw they were so excited about. So I'd highly recommend going there. They have a discovery room too full of activities you can do with your kiddos. Then we got to meet Aunt Leslie for lunch, just wait til you see the super cute leggings she knitted for Kellyn, those pics are coming soon!!

They do love her....

Well after a week at Grandma's with Kellyn, Cooper and Maddie are warming up. We had family pics today and I'm hopeful for a decent shot of the three kids, but I can't wait to see the shots of Kellyn. I had a long wish list and we got several, but there's a few more I'll attempt to take of her soon!
We go back to the "real world" aka Newkirk on Saturday so we will see how life is at home.

Probably should've know.....

Well, if you didn't see on facebook, we had a sweet, precious, beautiful baby GIRL.....and with being so sick, low iron during my pregnancy, and the constant movements, I should've known. We mentioned to Cooper right before they took me back that he might get a baby sister, to which he crawled up in his Dad's lap and proclaimed, "NO it's going to be a boy, a brother..." and had the beginnings of some tears. As the nurse was walking me back to the c-section I said, so you see what we're dealing with if we come out of here with a girl. The anticipation was killing me as they were working on getting her out, I was just thinking, hurry up.....hahaha. So at baptist they have a window which the anesthesiologist took down so when Dr. Shanbour could lift the baby up and I got a good first look at her as he said it's a girl, Jeremy and I said oh no! So Kellyn Lee was born at a healthy 7 lbs. 11 oz, 20.5 inches long, with some dark black hair. Jeremy took a couple of pics of her at the window, but those aren't pretty, Cooper just saw them, and I probably scared him for life cause he said that's gross.

So we'll start here
So after I got sewed up and we got back in the recovery room, Kellyn took her first feeding like a champ and Jeremy went out to bring the kids in. Cooper handled it amazing, and didn't cry or throw a fit about having a baby sister. My dad has a video on his phone of him running out to tell everyone to come see "her". The kids haven't been too interested in the baby, and we came to my mom's yesterday. Cooper likes to check on her, but Maddie could really care less. My dad said it's amazing to him that they can do major surgery on me and send me out 2 days later. Which I know isn't the case with everyone, but that's why I come back to Dr. Shanbour, cause he's really the best. I am feeling way better then even I expected, but I have to remind myself to take it easy, we don't want things to get worse.

So here are some of the few pics we took in the hospital, I'll have to take some more to make it up to her. Hopefully soon we can get the other 2 interested enough to hold her so we can have a pic of our precious 3 kids!

 (I broke my own rule that I was instating of no pictures of me on the day, but then April walked in
and it's not every day your BFF from Brazil shows up after you have a baby.)

So I'm sure there'll be a lot more stories on how Cooper is "just being grown up" about having 2 baby sisters, yes those are his words, but we are loving adjusting to our family of 5! (With lots of help currently from my mom and dad!)

First and last.....

Well this is the first and last "belly" pic for this pregnancy.....let's do this!

Cooper's Birthday Party

Today was the long awaited 4th birthday party day for Cooper. I mean, I may be almost 39 weeks pregnant and 3 days away from giving birth, but the party must go on. My parents helped a ton make this "Race Day" possible. Everyone had a fabulous time, if I do say so myself, it was a rockin party! So here it is in pictures!

So if you're interested in a Race, I'm sure Cooper and Maddie would love for you to stop by my parents house next week and give it all you got! (If you are wondering, yes my belly is so large, I didn't even need to hold my car up, and I did win my heat.....)

Final List Update.....

Well the kids and I have officially moved to my parents house for the time being. With a final doc appointment for me, Cooper's little belated birthday party, the hubs wanting to attend a few 3A state games (which are at the State Fairgrounds), a wedding shower, and Cooper's 4 year well child it was just easier for my mom to pick us up and bring us here! So that's what we did. Jeremy and I were trying to avoid having 2 cars in Edmond since I will be unable to drive when it's time to go home to Newkirk. So he'll come in tomorrow, go back Sunday, teach Monday, and come back for the remainder of the week and Spring Break. Crazy I know, the joys of delivering in "the city".
So my list is complete, except I didn't glue the pics in Maddie's baby book, and if it is a boy I'll have to take the crib bumper to the cleaners, I tried at home, but it's been put away for 3+ years, so it was a little dusty. Weird cause I stored it in plastic in a box and everything, but oh well, I'll spend the money when I know I need to.

I ended up buying a new infant seat, which I was not planning on, but when I took off the cover of our old one, I noticed that some "friends" or not had enjoyed the backing. I just couldn't bear to put a baby in that, so hopefully the car seat will arrive, on the 13th....just in time! The joys of living across from a wheat field in Northern OK. So now I can just focus on  work and parties until this baby comes! Cooper's party, Jessie's shower, and Papa Staff's birthday party, so we'll party it up until Baby K on Tuesday! (If you are wondering we did attempt to schedule the baby for Papa's birthday, but that date was not available, which is so strange to me, cause I'm sure there'd be room if I actually went into labor, which better not happen at this point!) So look forward to pics from Cooper's awesome Cars 2 party, we're going to race, rain or shine, believe me, the cars are pretty cool!

Cast Your Vote

With just about a week left, what do YOU think this baby is.....Boy or Girl.... Go ahead and comment your predictions away!

Why didn't I take pics?

I'm sure it has something to do with being 37+ weeks pregnant and not really feeling all that good. I've got good stretches and bad stretches, and really the only thing that will make it better is for this baby to be out. Luckily we're going on 10 I think I can will be the theme.

Anyway, more pleasant talking here.....our friends from Kiowa made it to the State Tourney. So the kids and I stayed in Edmond after my weekly doctor visit so we could see not everyone, but the majority of the people we went to church with. These were the people that took care of my kids, loved my kids, and in return my kids loved. We got to watch Cooper's "first love" Addy play basketball. Which unfortunately they didn't win their game, but she had a stellar performance with 25 points, cause she's awesome! So we enjoyed dinner, a basketball game, and then Cooper and Maddie even got to swim in the Hotel Pool, so they were living it up. By the time we got back to my parents house, well after 10, Maddie was sound asleep, didn't even wake up when I changed her to pjs. I'm so thankful for these friends we have made there, we may not have lived there all that long, but these people are forever friends. We can't wait to see them again sooner rather then later! I am still sad I didn't even snap one photo, epic fail.

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