So this is how this goes

It's not a secret that we really struggled with potty training Cooper. He still has his moments and we work everyday with him. He hasn't had an accident at school this year, just I guess gets lazy at home. So I wasn't really looking forward to potty training Maddie, but then the thought if having 3 kids in diapers was too much. So last Tuesday I told her that there were no more diapers for her, she had a few breakdowns, but by Friday she had it down. We are still working on #2, but this is going way smoother then the last time I tried to potty train a child! Grandma brought her reward up from Edmond this weekend since I couldn't buy it here, she is so proud if herself and so am I!!

If you need a good steak

Come to Ponca City! Jeremy and I had a nice dinner out for my belated birthday to our favorite steak place Rusty Barrell. It's in an ally and you have to ring the bell to be let in. Trust me this melt in your mouth steak is worth your drive!

It's that good I had to plug it on the blog to all my 5 readers out there!

It happens every year....

I turn another year older every year like it or not! We spread my birthday celebration out over a few days. It started Friday with dinner at Cheever's (my favorite place ever) and Wicked with the hubs, parents, brothers, sister in law, grandparents, and 2 girlfriends who deserved a night out! Saturday I got to pick out new running shoes...even though my running is pretty much walking at this point. Yesterday for my actual birthday these were hand delivered...

Cooper brought me a happy birthday sticker badge home from school, and we went to dinner the to view this little artist work at the Free Kay Co Fair!

(His picture has a lot of orange on it)

Jeremy and the kids rode the Ferris Wheel (which was not free) but I sat that one out! So all in all a great birthday spent with people I love! I'll continue the celebration Monday when Jeremy and I will go out for a nice steak dinner! It's homecoming here and our babysitters were booked all week! It's not so bad making it last a little longer!

It's a.....

Well in case you haven't seen it on Facebook yet, we're having a.....

We are so excited to be adding a DREW (no middle name yet) YOUNG to the fam in January! Cooper is especially thrilled! As one of our friends put it, our boys will be bookends!

Make your check

Make your digital check on our box! I'm outnumbered 4-1.....Cooper has been doing some serious campaigning! Stay tuned for results tonight!!

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