Pumpkin Carving and Halloween parties

We carved pumpkins and I was determined to put Kellyn in a pumpkin.....she was determined not to like it! Cooper and Maddie were excited to carve the pumpkins and mom and dad were excited to eat some seeds....Kellyn was just excited to not be in the pumpkin!

Then on Halloween Grandma came into town to go Trick-or-Treating with Cooper's class at 8:30 this morning. They visit "retired friends" it was the cutest thing ever! Then they had their party after, so we stayed for it. Maddie was not happy about leaving school!

Then we went to visit our "adopted families" in Newkirk and met up for a huge Halloween bash, where we left with friends to trick-or-treat! Cooper says that it was such a fun Halloween party....and Maddie got a new Newkirk Cheer uniform out of the deal, so with that and the loads of candy we brought home everyone was happy!

Now I will try to keep myself from eating the candy we bought to hand out, since obviously we weren't home at all! Hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago Cooper went to a Pumpkin Patch on a field trip. The girls and I could've gone, but I thought better save it for when Dad can go. Since it's Fall Break here, we went up yesterday for a fun filled hour. It was a cute little pumpkin patch at Quaill Valley Farms, such a cute even center too. So if you need a place in Kansas to have an even, I'd recommend going there! Here are a few pics of the fun, and a couple of all three kids together, well the best of the 15 thousand I took trying to get a decent shot of all of them.

My new friend.....

So I've been keeping a few Williams and Sonoma gift cards, and I finally made a purchase....

My tassimo died, and I was on the verge of buying another machine; then Starbucks had to introduce this beauty! So with my gift cards and signing up for a credit card (that I'll never use); I got it for half price and cheaper then any other one cup brewer I was looking at. Plus, it really tastes straight out of a Starbucks cafe! So way to go Starbucks for monopolizing my coffee addiction....those are some smart people like them or not!

National Dessert Day

Kellyn just wants some cake too!


Last week was a little bitter sweet for me. I was so excited because my friend from college and her 2 girls were coming up for most of the week, but I had to start the week by watching another life long friend say goodbye to her baby girl. It just breaks my heart when I think that I've watched 2 friends watch their babies go home to God. But I rejoice knowing they will never know the bad and troubles of this world.
So like I said my friend brought her two girls up for the week because her husband is out of town a lot. Our girls are about the same age, so the 4 of them had so much fun playing. I think it made Kellyn learn how to crawl, she's everywhere now! Newkirk Elementary School had a carnival so she and I took 5 kids to that, it was so much fun! We look forward to their next visit!

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