26 weeks

Remember my last post about blow outs? All of my reasons are wrong and it appears that Cooper has some sort of stomach virus. My first clue should've been he wasn't drinking all of his bottle...if you have ever seen Cooper drink a bottle, you'd know what I am talking about. He sucks that thing down like he hasn't eaten for days, so when he was only drinking about 2-4 ounces I should've known something was wrong. Well add this to a surprise visit from Jeremy's family. We found out they were coming on Friday night, they would be here Saturday at 10:30ish. So, after Cooper went to bed we worked on the house, and I went to the grocery store to get stuff to make lunch (which I made probably the best enchiladas I've ever made!!)What you probably don't know is that ever since Jeremy and I have been married I go to the grocery store 1 time a week with a list for all the meals for that week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do this for 3 reasons: 1) Jeremy knows what the dinner plans are, so if for some reason I'm not cooking, he's not surprised there is no dinner. 2) I hate going to the grocery store, and 3)I think I save money by not going multiple times in a week. On Thursday I got this crazy idea to try to plan meals out for 2 weeks to see if that would save us more money, so luckily I already had my list written out, and really going to walmart at 9:00 pm on Friday night is great....no one is there. Well back to Cooper, so Saturday morning after Cooper ate at 5, he fell back asleep in our bed, oh about 6, I hear a funny noise, Jeremy jumps out of bed and Cooper has definitely gotten rid of everything he has just ate. So we had to strip everything down, all take showers and even flip our mattress. He did pretty good the rest of the day until last night when he threw up again all over me, at that point I called the doctor. I love having my uncle as Coopers doc, its nice to be able to pick up the phone and get right to your doctor. So he said to cut back on his food, and give him pedialite, which my mom had already brought us some that morning. Well he had a pretty good night and didn't throw up again until today about 2, might have been because he got some of Mama Jo's homemade Chocolate Chip ice cream, that's totally my fault. Unfortunately his first sickness comes at a horrible time, today was suposed to be his last Sunday in the nursery, but we thought it was probably in his best interest and other parent's & kids best interest for him not to go to Church. Overall we had a good visit with Jeremy's family, we are looking forward to being home tomorrow, and Cooper is getting better. Wow...that's a long post. Well I better get back to making treats for our 5 adpoted college girls that start school tomorrow, yes that's 5...and we love them all!

6 months stats

Well for all those people out there that thought he'd never catch up....Cooper is right at the 50% for weight (16 lbs 8 oz) and height (27.5 inches). And his doctor was very impressed with his sitting skills that he has. Funny story, I put him down for his nap yesterday and he cried. That's not so abnormal, however it kept getting louder so I went in to check on him, he was sitting up in his crib. It was so funny, cause he acts like he can't do it by himself but I knew he could. Well I was right, like all moms are, and he fell fast asleep about 15 minutes later. So he's growing well and doing good!

Blow Outs

Cooper has been having some blow outs,here are 3 reasons why I think he does this:

1. Gives mom more laundry to do
2. he's teething
3. Loves to be naked...

While I'll take reason 2....Cooper will take reason 3!

6 months

Well yesterday Cooper hit the 6 month mark....I can't believe that he is already 6 months old. Time has just flown by, I'm sure before too long I'll be saying I can't believe that he is a year. My goal for the next 6 months is to cherish this time that I have with Cooper being our only child (that is not an announcement), soaking up every minute and enjoying all he brings to my life. Our lives have sure changed with him, but I feel like Jeremy and I are the same people, we just bring a little extra where ever we go!

Cooper from minutes old-5 months...that 2-3 months made such a difference!

6 Months old....(the first photo shoot try)

Face Lift

Yesterday I felt the need to be creative so I decided to change up the blog. I'm learning a little more about HTML...so this may still be a little bit of a work in progress, but for now here is the new blog....I'll catch everyone up on Cooper's life as he rides in the stroller; he is there a lot these days as our mileage increases, but he likes it, really he sleeps, but that's great. As long as he's not screaming at the top of his lungs while we run past our neighbors who might possibly be thinking "Should we call DHS, that poor child?" Today was Jeremy's first day at Yukon, his first class actually started at 8:51....strange time you might say, but apparently they have 7 minutes in between classes, so all of the start times are a little strange. His first hour class won't meet for the first couple of weeks. So good luck to him on his first day with his new students! And here you go, just because I haven't posted a pic of him in a few days:

If you have a baby...

I don't endorse a lot of products on my blog, however when I saw this I thought I needed to try it.

Since I was already ordering something from here and it was under $10.00 I ordered it. It came in this week,(I know Cooper might be a little young to eat solids, but he is and he loves them, so there you have it) and I tried it and it was amazing. It works so well and it kept his hands some what cleaner then usual. I was surprised he didn't grab the spoon himself like he normally does. When he does that I'll post a picture of what I had to clean up cause it'll be messy. So I'm telling you if you have a baby or know someone who has one or you need a gift; I'd get them this.

It's official!

In 58 days we will be here SOOO EXCITED!

I thought I wouldn't like this school

This is why I already like Yukon better than Edmond:

I will still most likely miss all the basketball staff at SFHS....but a free concert ticket, now that's how you get to my heart. On Saturday about 2:00 an employee at Yukon called Jeremy and said she had 2 tickets for us to attend the above concert...I've always wanted to see Sheryl Crow...a chick with a guitar...many of you may not know this but I played the guitar. That's what I got for my high school graduation, I played through college and then I stopped. This concert made me want to break it out again. Also James Blunt performed, he ran through the crowd...talk about a security nightmare. Overall it was a great unexpected date night. I did think that Jeremy might have thrown something at her when she announced that Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal....we had it recording. Seriously, it shouldn't have surprised us, but we like to watch things and see them happen. Oh well, I still love her.

24 weeks

This week was started with some good news! Jeremy will be teaching at Yukon next year, he's looking forward to it and started on Wednesday getting things ready. Right now it looks like he'll be doing middle school and some varsity boys basketball. Which means a lot of basketball for us coming up, but he loves it and Cooper and I will enjoy going to watch. Cooper and I helped my parents initiate their new fire pit into the family and he got his first taste of s'mores. We're basically spending our time watching Michael Phelps dominate the Olympics, as well as some other sports mixed in, and are enjoying just haning out before school gets started and things get busy around our house. We're almost to the halfway point of our 1/2 marathon miles and things are still going well. I haven't fallen over dead yet. Cooper can go from laying down to sitting up all by himself so he is almost mobile and he can't wait to move around. He doesn't sit still anymore; except when he is tired. Here are a few pics from last week.

23 weeks

Well there isn't much to say about this week....so here are some pictures. He's still trying real hard to crawl, so I'm sure it'll happen any day now!

22 weeks

Well this week wasn't as eventful as last week, but it had its' moments. My mom had surgery on her wrist and she is recovering well after a not so good reaction to the medication. The doctors finally got her some good pain medicine and hopefully next week she'll be able to keep Cooper. Cooper is lucky because since camp is over he's getting to spend some good quality time with Dad while I'm at work. Cooper got to stay with his great grandma while I worked last week, when I picked him up he was always happy, so I'm sure she took great care of him. Friday we spent the day with my mom and I helped do some laundry, Cooper helped too as you can tell by the pics. It was also a very special week for Cooper...he got his first pair of Jordans....yes basketball shoes, and so it begins. We bought him some size 1 converse shoes at the Outlet mall, they are a little small....he wears a size 3....yes he is only 5 1/2months old, but he's almost out of the 2s....and the 3s stay on okay, so why not....those are some big feet. Last week we saw Batman and The Chronicles of Narnia, aand Evan Almighty...all good movies. Jeremy and I started our training together....this is an adjustment for me because being married to a coach, means you get coached on your form...your speed....but it's good for me and what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger....as long as it stays on the encouraging side of things we'll be okay. Oh you have to check out the picture of Cooper with Anthony and Rachael's dog, it was so funny, Cooper would crack up everytime their dog would come up to him, I wish we had a video camera cause it was so funny.

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