26 weeks

Remember my last post about blow outs? All of my reasons are wrong and it appears that Cooper has some sort of stomach virus. My first clue should've been he wasn't drinking all of his bottle...if you have ever seen Cooper drink a bottle, you'd know what I am talking about. He sucks that thing down like he hasn't eaten for days, so when he was only drinking about 2-4 ounces I should've known something was wrong. Well add this to a surprise visit from Jeremy's family. We found out they were coming on Friday night, they would be here Saturday at 10:30ish. So, after Cooper went to bed we worked on the house, and I went to the grocery store to get stuff to make lunch (which I made probably the best enchiladas I've ever made!!)What you probably don't know is that ever since Jeremy and I have been married I go to the grocery store 1 time a week with a list for all the meals for that week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do this for 3 reasons: 1) Jeremy knows what the dinner plans are, so if for some reason I'm not cooking, he's not surprised there is no dinner. 2) I hate going to the grocery store, and 3)I think I save money by not going multiple times in a week. On Thursday I got this crazy idea to try to plan meals out for 2 weeks to see if that would save us more money, so luckily I already had my list written out, and really going to walmart at 9:00 pm on Friday night is great....no one is there. Well back to Cooper, so Saturday morning after Cooper ate at 5, he fell back asleep in our bed, oh about 6, I hear a funny noise, Jeremy jumps out of bed and Cooper has definitely gotten rid of everything he has just ate. So we had to strip everything down, all take showers and even flip our mattress. He did pretty good the rest of the day until last night when he threw up again all over me, at that point I called the doctor. I love having my uncle as Coopers doc, its nice to be able to pick up the phone and get right to your doctor. So he said to cut back on his food, and give him pedialite, which my mom had already brought us some that morning. Well he had a pretty good night and didn't throw up again until today about 2, might have been because he got some of Mama Jo's homemade Chocolate Chip ice cream, that's totally my fault. Unfortunately his first sickness comes at a horrible time, today was suposed to be his last Sunday in the nursery, but we thought it was probably in his best interest and other parent's & kids best interest for him not to go to Church. Overall we had a good visit with Jeremy's family, we are looking forward to being home tomorrow, and Cooper is getting better. Wow...that's a long post. Well I better get back to making treats for our 5 adpoted college girls that start school tomorrow, yes that's 5...and we love them all!


Emily said...

Yucky. Stomach bugs are no fun. What helped Cason was totally flat sprite. He hates pedialyte.

Anyway, hope he feels better SOON!

The Warriors said...

Be careful...we found out Levi was coming smack in the middle of Lydia's first and only sickness that sounds EXACTLY like this one!!

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