Face Lift

Yesterday I felt the need to be creative so I decided to change up the blog. I'm learning a little more about HTML...so this may still be a little bit of a work in progress, but for now here is the new blog....I'll catch everyone up on Cooper's life as he rides in the stroller; he is there a lot these days as our mileage increases, but he likes it, really he sleeps, but that's great. As long as he's not screaming at the top of his lungs while we run past our neighbors who might possibly be thinking "Should we call DHS, that poor child?" Today was Jeremy's first day at Yukon, his first class actually started at 8:51....strange time you might say, but apparently they have 7 minutes in between classes, so all of the start times are a little strange. His first hour class won't meet for the first couple of weeks. So good luck to him on his first day with his new students! And here you go, just because I haven't posted a pic of him in a few days:


Ginny said...

Ohhhh teach me HTML. I want my blog to be fun like yours! I love the new look.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Cute new blog! Yes, that is fine if they use our pics! Sorry it has taken so long to respond.

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