Best Friends.....

Cooper thought Maddie wanted to I let him push her around....don't worry he was going slow and I followed very closely the whole time, but obviously, she is loving it!

New look!

It's been a while since I changed the blog I did.

I'm sure I'm the last to know about these....

Lullabyes set to rock sings....I downloaded some Aerosmith, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins.... You should look into it! And cause she's sooo cute!

Pumpkin Patch

We went down and shopped in Allen, TX for a few days. We needed a little break and I felt like some time away before basketball season was in full swing would be good for us all. We had a great time! Did a lot of shopping, saw Jenny and Ross in Forney, and ate.....we ate a lot! I found a little pumpkin patch to stop at on our way, it was a nice little place where the kids can feed longhorns, sheep, goats, pick out a small pumpkin, roll in the hay. You know, get that awesome picture of your 2 kids together at the pumpkin patch....oh right I dreamed about that last one. None the less we still enjoyed some time there before we hit the road and shopped! Now we are back to reality and pretty much will see Jeremy in March! Wish me luck!

The shred....

I started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred as soon as I was cleared by my doc back in June. Being honest here, I wanted to work out, but I wasn't very faithful to the shred until August. New baby, summer legaue, 2 year old, then the month long Starbucks enhanced vacation at my parents didn't help much either. I think I did it a total of 3 maybe 4 times at their house. Well in August I started the shred up and faithfully did it 6 days a week. Fast forward to October and I'm doing it 5 days a week and since it is cooler I have been adding in some walks with the kids in the evening. I do it at 11:00 am, after nursing and before lunch every day. Cooper knows when I do it, he says "oh mom, it's time for workout". I will say it had been frustrating because I wasn't seeing the numbers go down on the scale, just this past week finally they have gone down. But I think of my workout differently is 20 minutes I take a day to focus on myself. Now it has become just a part of my day, I rotate the levels in 10 day rotations cause I would get bored if I did level 3 everyday. I like that Cooper sees me do it because I believe that it is good for him to see his mom doing something active most days. So although I may not be seeing that 6 pack soon, it still makes me feel better and it shows my kids that I do take care of myself. I'm sure if I dieted I might see that 6 pack sooner....but well mostly I just don't want to diet! As moms I think we should show our kids that we do things for ourselves, it's not ALL about them {mostly about them, but not all} I would recommend the shred....20 minutes or so well spent! And maybe your 6 pack will come faster then mine!
And here is Cooper singing this is the way we wash our face to Maddie....she really was loving it!

5 Months

Someone needs to stop the clock....time is ticking way to fast around here! Here is Maddie at 5 months...

If you move your face from behind the camera and tell her she's pretty you get this face:

I think I have seen that face before....oh Cooper at about 5 months....

and if you saw my FB status...I did make cupcakes to celebrate, not for her, for me, not that I need cupcakes, but oh well!

No tolerance

I'm finding an extreme lack of tolerance lately. I just was upset because Cooper spilled chocolate milk on our "wedding quilt". I then went to make some coffee and saw this on the counter

This reminded maybe I should stop and take a little breath and realize it's not all his fault.
I could chalk this up to desperately needing a good nights rest! The lack of tolerance, not the spilled milk.
( note: I did not make his chocolate milk this morning and it looks like it is coming out of the quilt just fine)


I guess leaving the bumbo seat at my moms has forced her to sit on her own....

See no hands...she's mad...but she can do it all by herself

Miss Maddie is....

mad cause she can't get anywhere.... she is making progress

playing with her feet

 giving us sweet smiles

and LOVING  her pearls!


Cooper still loves Thomas. So since we happened to be in Edmond this past weekend for a wedding on Sunday after we ate lunch my parents took him to see Thomas. We went last year and he loved it, I'm sure this year I can hear him say "Look, there's Thomas, do you hear him?" It was perfect because they wore him out for the entire trip home! Which is what I was hoping for! Little does Cooper know that he's going to get Thomas in a big way at Christmas....I've been building up a stash of different Take N Play trains. You can buy them really cheap at Kohls, Marshalls, and TJ Max, if you're in the market for some. So needless to say while they were at Thomas, Maddie ate and we ran some last minute errands....a/k/a went to Kohl's to spend the Kohl's cash since it expired that Sunday! Here are a few pics of their adventure!


This will be the first post in some catch up post....

We took the kids a few weeks ago to the circus, and Cooper loved seeing all the animals. Especially the Elephant. He rode a minature horse, which I have a picture of somewhere. He could've rode the elephant, we took him over there and he got real nervous and said, "no, no." This circus was the Shrine Circus in McAlester, it wasn't huge, but it was long. It started at 7:30, and the intermission was at 8:45, so we left. Not to mention it was extremely hot in the expo center. We had to stop to get drinks on the way home and Cooper ate ice cream with his hands. Surprisingly most of it made it in his mouth. Overall, I think so far it was one of the best nights of Cooper's life, he got to see an elephant. He still talks about it. Here are a few pics from my phone, as you can tell the kids are really interested in taking a picture with mom and dad!

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