Half Marathon

Jeremy and I were talking about the upcoming half marathon on Sunday....
J: "my goal is to finish in under 2 hours"
M: "my goal is to finish, still standing"
J: "that's setting the bar high"
M: "how many women are going to be out that had a baby via c-section just shy of 1 year ago?"
J: "eighteen"

Maybe I should've added on the part about that 11 month old still nursing and not sleeping through the night. Maybe that 18 would be 0?

But, in reality I'm ready for this, my real goal is to finish in 3 hours or under, time will tell!

(wo)man's best friend

Maddie loves watching our dog, but this is going a little far....

And this is trouble, she's not even walking yet.

Yes, I've got my hands full.
(I promise the next post you'll be able to see her face!)

Book Reviews.....

I've never done a book review, but I've recently read a few, so I thought I'd share them with my thousands of readers. (Yes, I'm aware I do not have thousands of readers!) If you'd like to see more book reviews head on over to her blog....she reads a lot more then I do!

Live Wire, By Harlan Coben

I started reading Harlan Coben when I used to travel with the Wedel Family to the beach. Valari read them and would pass them on to me. I was hooked from the first book. I have read every book he has out, and I love them. They are page turners, and relatively clean mystery books. The majority of his books revolve around Myron Bolitar, a sport agent and his friend and partner Winn. If you're looking for a page turner mystery, start with his first book and keep reading! In this book you learn more about Myron's family, it was so great! His first Myron book if you're wondering is Deal Breaker, and there are 10 books.

Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen

One of my friends down here in Pittsburg started reading this book and she said it was good. Well, Amazon Kindle had it on sale for about $5 so I downloaded it and started reading it. Jeremy and I plan to see the movie cause I love Reese Witherspoon, so I like to read the books before we go. The book is a fictional story, based on the history of the American Circus. I will say it is pretty graphic, but it is interesting. I don't know that I'd recommend reading the book, and I'll let you know about the movie. I'm guessing that they toned the movie down based on it's PG13 Rating. I would assume this does paint a pretty accurate picture about Traveling Circus people's lives and what went on. But I've never really researched it out, so I'm not an expert.

Couples Who Pray, by Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt

The last time I was in Edmond my parents gave me this book and David and Leslie. Well, I finished it this week and now I'm convinced that it's the best idea I knew to do that I haven't practiced. It's mostly stories of couples, some famous Couples who pray together everyday. The challenge is to pray together for 5 minutes a day for 40 days. We will be starting this very soon, cause believe me if there ever was a time we needed to pray as a couple, it's now. The stories are very uplifting, and I promise if you read it, you'll jump on board too. If you and your husband (or wife) already do pray together everyday, I'm sure you would agree with me. If you don't, you should start! You can also go to this website and it offers help to get you started, for a small fee. So pick this book up for sure, or just start praying with your other half, every day for 40 days, for 5 minutes. I hope to have some more reflections to share after we start this practice.

All this to say if you're going to read one of these books I've read recently, read the last one, it's the most beneficial for you and your spouse! The others are a little more on the fun side.

Run Cooper Run...

Cooper has gotten into running the last bit of every run. I figured if he's going to sit in that stroller for 4 days a week for an hour or so, a little run would do him good. Only about 3 weeks until the longer runs subside. I'm sure the kids will be upset. (Probably not!)

I'll still run a couple of miles a day and maybe a little longer on the weekends to stay in shape. (or get in shape?!?)

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