He helps!

I've been doing the 30 day shred and I put my mat up in the same place everyday, Cooper put it up for me today

It is usually rolled up, at least he tried! And here is his latest craft from VBS

Can someone teach this kid to smile? Your life isn't that bad!


It's VBS week at Kiowa! So Cooper is attending his first VBS, it would make his grand dad proud, they even sing Booster Booster!

First VBS cookies

His Jonah necklace.

It's close, but not identical

It's an exciting night here in Pittsburg, and instead of working, cleaning, or doing anything productive I pulled out Cooper's baby pics. You just thought Maddie was tiny, Cooper was oh so very small. So you can definitely tell who is who, but if he'd weighed a little more at 4 weeks, I think they'd look more alike. Yes, people, that little boy in the top pic is Cooper at 4 weeks old. So there wasn't an identical shot of them, but there is no denying they are related. She's just not all skin and bones!

Maddie's Newborn Pics

Here is a little peak at the pictures we had done on June 6th. Jana Hill took these for us and with a crying 2 year old who was very tired and a crying baby we couldn't get to go to sleep she did a great job. I'll have to dig out Cooper's pics and do a comparison, they look so much alike. We almost felt like we were looking at Cooper again!

Meet Ellie!

Jeremy's brother and his wife had a sweet baby girl on Thursday. Friday we went to Denton to meet her. Hopefully she and Maddie will be good friends.

Ellie has a full head of thick black hair, she looks bigger then Maddie. They weigh about the same, but Maddie is about 2 inches taller.

Maddie's Announcements

I designed these what seems like forever ago, so I just dropped in the pics and mailed them out last week. I was so happy with the final product! Yes, everything including the blog got butterflies!

Then I added this on the back....its as good as it gets with these 2!

Pre-Maddie Pics

We took some family pictures the day before Maddie came. I'm ashamed to say we had not taken any since Cooper was a baby. So I'm so glad I waited until I was huge to take some. I took a few maternity ones, at 39 weeks, which I don't really recommend doing. Although, I am so happy with the results, I put a little collage together of a few of my favorite ones!

On Sunday, we attempted to take more family pictures, although it is way harder to take those with a crying baby and a very tired 2 year. But I am confident we got at least one good one, I can't wait to see those.

2 week appointment at 3 weeks

Maddie had her "2 week" check up today and she is doing great!

She now weighs 7 lbs 8 ounces and is 20 3/4 inches long. She's gaining more weight then her brother but not growing as long as fast.

So she's napping in her car seat, I'm getting some sun and dad and Cooper are in this....

Can't wait til I can enjoy the water!

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