Weekend Getaway

For Christmas I bought Jeremy tickets to go watch the Longhorns and Aggies duke it out in basketball down in Austin. Plus a one night hotel stay. After watching Santa Fe win (the current #1 team in 6A basketball here) we drove to Austin on Saturday and watched well, what was the #1 NCAA team fight it out to win in OT. It was so much fun! We had a nice time, and although it was really fast, it was nice to get away. The picture we missed was where Cooper fell asleep, dead asleep with 2 minutes left in OT. Go figure. He was in "evo" (bevo) heaven. Bevo was everywhere and he was so excited, "evo", "cow", "moo", it was a good one!

And in other news, Miss Maddie is right on track, and doing well! Her bedding came in, glad its sitting in a huge box taking up more room in my overcrowded room. We are still looking for a house, thought we were done, but it didn't work out for reasons that make me to upset to discuss. Finally Jeremy's team is sitting at 10-6, so other then the house thing, I guess things are okay.

Press Time!

Pittsburg got a nice write up in the paper in McAlester, which probably hasn't happened in several years! So I thought, it was worth a little blog bragging on the hubs....you can read the article here, but here are the highlights!

"Although surrounded by larger player pools that benefit from having more players at their school, the Panthers play every game as if they are the better team, and so far, as often as not, they’ve proven to be that better team."

"Pittsburg is a well-coached team that focuses on teamwork and staying disciplined as a unit, not individuals. That said, the three-headed monster of Griffin Raines, Johnny James, and Wilson is what should scare oppositions."

my personal favorite quote of the article!
"The Panthers have a new and ambitious coach in Jeremy Young. Wilson said of his coach, 'I wish he would have been there my freshman year. The thing I admire most about him is that he can’t stand to lose. He never accepts losing and he believes we can always get better.'"

The team is now 7-6 on the Season, so things are looking good! GO PANTHERS!!

half way....

So if you haven't heard, or you didn't see it on facebook, here is baby #2's bedding:

It's a girl! Her name is Maddie Michelle, and we'll be seeing her in about 5 months. Everyone is right when they tell you the 2nd pregnancy is so different then the first. Really I think they mean: when you already have a kid you forget you are pregnant and before you know it you've got 2! I haven't even taken a belly pic, and honestly I don't know if I plan to. I should probably take a few just so she doesn't feel left out. But at least I've picked the bedding, for a room she doesn't have yet! She also was nicely spoiled at Christmas. If you want to buy her some clothes so she doesn't look like a boy for the first year of her life, feel free to! You know I'm only kidding, people will know she is a girl, and she will be girly. Sure, she can play ball if she wants to, but she'll do it with her nails perfectly painted. Better find someone to teach her how to do that!

So in case you're wondering about our living situation, it hasn't changed much, but I am hopeful that Jeremy will like a house he's looking at tomorrow in McAlester, so cross your fingers that works out.

I'll scan in some ultrasound pics, but they aren't that clear, she's just like Cooper was, her back turned with her legs crossed and both hands at her face. We kept laughing during the ultrasound, and the best part was Cooper's face when they played her heartbeat, I wish I had a picture. He doesn't even know what's coming! This probably won't happen until we move, or whenever I drag my printer out to to hook it up to the laptop at my parents! (In other words, don't hold your breath for those!)

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