This has kept me from blogging....

A more detailed Christmas blog coming soon...mostly there was a lot of trains. As if I needed to point that out!

Young/Wedel/Lauxman Christmas Party

Jeremy and I actually have 8 kids....I know you're shocked. But every year since we've been married we've had a Christmas Party with the 3 Wedel girls, and 3 Lauxman girls.....all together. This was our 5th year, so "grand-dad" splurged and got us a special treat. We went to look at lights in Yukon, OKC, and down around Chesapeake....this was our view:
We enjoyed all our lights from the comfort of a very nice limo! The girls were excited and it allowed everyone to just hang out and talk. It was so much fun!
I'm sure our Limo Driver thought this was an odd mix....we range from 29-7 months. But I think he had fun! I can't believe how big all these girls are getting or maybe it is how old I am getting. But I'm thankful for them all, and we are so blessed to have them now love on our kids!

Christmas at Mama Jo's

This year we had Christmas at Mama Jo's a week early. We thought it would be fun for the 6 great-grands to be all together, and not going to lie, it was fun! There are 2 more great-grands on the's not's not Jeni, and they are married, and it isn't amongst yourselves!

Here are a few photos, I didn't take near as many as I should've. I can't wait until Christmas cause Cooper is way into it this year! So fun!

 Maddie and Isaac are the same size....Maddie was born in May, Isaac in August....
 She is talking to was funny.....okay it was more like shreiking at him.
 And here are the 6 great-grands....this is as good as it gets with these 6!
more to come!
(yes....Cooper and Maddie are getting a first cousin on the North side....I'm going to be an Aunt...I'm pumped!)

beginning to look like Christmas

Our self proclaimed first child came to spend the weekend with us. Which was great! I told her she better not be too helpful or she may have to move in with us! We visited a tree farm in a nearby town to get our tree. I didn't get the family picture I hoped for at the tree farm. It got too windy for Maddie to be outside, but since Colby was around we did manage to get some decent pics for a Christmas card. (Which I was avoiding, but Jeremy wanted to send one out, I'm sure I'll be glad we did it later!) So we decortated the tree, took Colby to Pete's Place in Krebs, got ready for the basketball Christmas Party, went to church, did a little running, and really enjoyed just hanging out with Colby. So thanks for coming to see us and here are a few pictures of the weekend!

Trains....and more Trains

A fellow blogger pointed out to me that Cooper was in the paper today! Sure enough here he is playing with the trains at the Train Show my parents took him to on Saturday. He LOVES trains, Lives for trains! I'm surprised they actually got him to leave. I'm sure if I had taken him we'd have a pretty big fight to get him out of there. Although, "if you want Santa to come" is working pretty well at our house right now!

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