3 Months

Sorry this week we are a little late in posting....I just have been lazy. Really Cooper hasn't been himself lately, we think he didn't feel good. But he's better now. We're going to see Jeremy's family so I'm sure we'll have lots of stories when we get back from that, here are some pictures of Cooper from this week. He's so silly!

12 weeks

We bought Cooper a new toy....we'll let you judge how much he likes it from the slideshow below. He's growing bigger each day and he's doing so well, and is so much fun. We had a busy weekend with another wedding I photographed and a graduation, looks like the end of May is fast approaching. We're looking forward to the Summer time! Enjoy the slideshow of Cooper and his new toy!


This can't be comfortable:

11 weeks

I can't believe Cooper is 2 1/2 months old, this is crazy. We celebrated my first mother's day on Saturday since we had other plans on Sunday. Jeremy took me out to eat at Elephant bar and then we went to sit in the hot tub, which was so nice and relaxing. I haven't been able to sit in the hot tub in a year so I was real excited. Luckily my bathing suits didn't leave the Wedels, they have perminent residence in the back of the laundry room closet. Cooper is growing every day and everyone says he's looking so good. Does that mean he used to look scary? Oh well, I have always thought he was the cutest baby ever! Here is what he looked like on Mother's day, don't you love the hat!

Mom and her favorite son!

Free 8x10 today only at Walgreens!

My friend sent this email to me so I thought I would pass it along:
I thought that this was a great deal so I wanted to send this to everyone. If you log onto Walgreens website, you can get a free 8 x 10 picture. I just did it and it’s really free, the balanced owed was $0.00 and I can pick it up this evening. The catch is that it is only good for today until 11:59pm. What you do is upload a picture and then go through the checkout and before you finish you will see a place where you can enter a code. That code is 4MOM. I hope you can use this…it’s a good thought for a mother’s day gift!

10 weeks

This week started a few first for Cooper, he went to class at church, they said he lasted a little while, but he fell asleep during the singing.

I'm glad he's good in the nursery, so far at least no outburst that he's going to class and we are not there. He went to Ted's for the first time for Cinco de Mayo...no picture of that one, but everyone around us thought he was adorable as usual. He does like to sit in his bumbo chair, I know you're thinking isn't he a little young for that? Well he loves it so I guess it works.

This week I started Elizabeth's 20 minute challenge...maybe it can help me lose the pounds I put on while I was pregnant and I might be able to fit into my old clothes sooner rather then later. Yesterday I got my extra 20 minutes in on a walk around OC with Cooper and Jeremy, but I didn't get in the exercises I was supposed to do...guess that will have to happen tonight. Now we're on a countdown until I can get my hair cut...June 20th!! Until next time.

2 months

I can not believe it has been 2 months, wow how time flies. Cooper went for his 2 month check up on Monday and he now weighs 9 lbs, and wait for it....he is 23 inches long.Cooper is going to be tall and skinny, that's what we think right now, we'll see. He's still a healthy baby and now he smiles a lot when he's awake. Today he's pretty much been awake all day, hopefully he'll be out soon, I'll wake him up about midnight to eat, then he'll probably be out for the night. I've been trying to capture his smile on camera, but it seems like everytime I pull it out to take his picture while he is smiling, he starts crying, I think this is on purpose. Tonight with Jeremy's help we had some success....here are some super cute pics of him, he's getting so big.

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