2 months

I can not believe it has been 2 months, wow how time flies. Cooper went for his 2 month check up on Monday and he now weighs 9 lbs, and wait for it....he is 23 inches long.Cooper is going to be tall and skinny, that's what we think right now, we'll see. He's still a healthy baby and now he smiles a lot when he's awake. Today he's pretty much been awake all day, hopefully he'll be out soon, I'll wake him up about midnight to eat, then he'll probably be out for the night. I've been trying to capture his smile on camera, but it seems like everytime I pull it out to take his picture while he is smiling, he starts crying, I think this is on purpose. Tonight with Jeremy's help we had some success....here are some super cute pics of him, he's getting so big.


Ryan and Katie said...

I love those overalls!! He is looking so much bigger!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Try going to my account and click on the measurements link.

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