Mom & Maddie date night!

While we were in Edmond Lyric was putting on The Little Mermaid! I waivered on buying tickets, but when I found out the princesses were in the lobby before hand it was perfect for her. She loved it all and kept saying "it's just you and me, no other kids!" So I'm so glad we got to do that! It was a great night topped off with some dessert after the musical!

4th of July!

Well we went back to Newkirk for about 4 days until we came back to Edmond to celebrate our 9th Anniversary and the 4th of July. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Paseo was amazing! Then just hung out in the 4th and enjoyed the fireworks at UCO on the 4th! Drew was a little trooper, my mom had some great little headphones on hand for him to see the fireworks. He fell asleep toward the end so it must have worked!

Weekend Visitor!

Levi came from Arkansas to go to Cage Camp with Cooper (& Jackson) and we brought him home to Newkirk with us for a couple of days! I think it was fun for Cooper to have a boy his age to play with instead of always playing with Maddie and Kellyn. Really the 4 older kids played together great! Jeremy took them to golf a little bit, we watched the premiere of Girl Meets World, had a Lego Movie Night, and I took them to the new splash pad! It was a great long weekend with him.

Swimming Lessons

Cooper and Maddie took swimming lessons with Logan Rosenbalm for 2 weeks in June while we camped out at my parents house. They did so well this year. You can really start to see them understand how to swim and do a lot of it on their own. This year Cooper especially overcame a lot of fear of the water. He is pretty confident, but still likes the comfort of his life jacket. Maddie has always been a little fish and not scared of much, so she did awesome jumping off the diving board and doing her torpedoes! I was so proud of them for what they learned this summer at lessons!

Basketball Camp

Cooper went to his first cage camp this summer. He had a blast and enjoyed it with his cousins. He needs to be a little more aggressive and a little less encourager. Not too much less encourager, cause its really cute! Here are some pics from the week!

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