Battle of the Burger

This weekend there was a battle of the burger a in Ponca City. I love hamburgers, even made a side trip last summer for a burger! Six bucks got you a fourth of a burger from 19 entries! Worth it to me and it supported "the mission". ( I have no idea what exactly the mission is, but I'm sure a worthy charity around here. Our top 2 favorites were an Apple Pie burger and a bacon jam burger. We voted for the bacon jam burger, so yummy! It was a great time out, got some sun, and the kids enjoyed the park. To top it off the Mavs and Thunder won, so it was a good Saturday!

So good the babies were worn out!


We have not been back to Edmond for Easter in 4 years! I'll admit, I didn't mind missing it too much because I felt like it was a Holiday that we were able to create our own family memories. Well, my mom really wanted us to come this year, so I talked Jeremy into it. He got a card night and we got to go see Divergent out of it as well. (The original plan was a playoff game, but since the Thunder wasn't playing the Mavs, we went to the movie.) I'm glad we went, cause the kids had a lot of fun. I didn't buy them one thing for Easter, because they were plenty spoiled! A friend gave me a couple of dresses for the girls to wear and my mom found the boys matching shirts (or shirt and onesie). We were able to play Friday and Saturday outside a lot. Did a little activity for Mother's Day, to be blogged about after Mother's Day, and then enjoyed an egg hunt and lunch at Mama Jo and Papa Staffs! David, Leslie, and Charlie were there so all my parents grandkids were together. They always enjoy that!! A bonus was I found the golden egg, pretty sure being a mom increases your egg hunting skills a lot.....(the golden egg contains a lot of change, maybe about $20 worth!)

Isn't it ironic?

On the same day I came out of my room to this...

(All because I'm feeding Drew in my room when the girls get up and their Dad leaves before I'm done, they are hungry and apparently can't wait for Drew to be done eating)

I took Maddie, Kellyn, and Drew to the grocery store. An older couple was near us as I was sacking up the groceries. I loaded up the car and I took the cart back. The lady from the couple stopped me and said "Your children are marvelous. I had 5 and could never take them anywhere cause they didn't behave well." I didn't have the heart to tell her what I came out to this morning, or how Kellyn literally screamed the entire time we were at the vet yesterday cause she's scared of our dog, or dumped Maddie's potty out all over the floor. (Probably time for some made up fairy to take that thing away since she can go in the big toilet)
I guess on the bright side of things at least when we are out in public they obey and behave well. Different story at home these days....or I need something to occupy them while I'm feeding Drew!

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