4 Weeks

Today my little baby is 4 weeks old, that's 1 month....and we went to weigh this morning and he is up to 6 pounds! Yeah for Cooper! He is still pretty skinny, but so cute still. For his first Easter we went to church then to Mama Jo and Papa Staff's for our annual Easter Egg hunt. I realize that you readers are thinking how sweet for them to set up an Easter Egg hunt for Cooper...and I'll let you all continue to think it was for Cooper and not for the 7 of us that are 18 and older and the 6 of us over 20 and married....all in all it was fun. I had a photo job durning the afternoon so Cooper and Dad watched Texas play and the Mavs, if that isn't a dream come true for my husband I don't know what one would be! Tonight we have our first family pictures, hopefully they will turn out beautiful! Enjoy our Easter pictures.


This is how Cooper was last night after having his first official babysitter while Jeremy and I went to dinner and to watch the NCAA tourney at some friends:

(my mom was really holding him, but we laid him on the couch so it wasn't her putting her child on the couch asleep)

Here is how I found Cooper when I left him with his Dad watching basketball, I was in the other room:

Like father, like son....I will admit my two boys are pretty cute when they're asleep.

3 weeks

Well Cooper got to experience two of his parents favorite things. For my fav he went with us to Annie on Saturday night. We went with my parents, David and Leslie and Katie and Ryan. He was very well behaved during the performance.

Monday morning since Jeremy is on Spring Break we took our first family vacation. We thought it would be best to stay close to home so we went to Dallas. We got to show Cooper off to more of Jeremy's family and we got to visit some of my good friends in Dallas that we haven't seen in a long time. We did some shopping and on Tuesday the real reason we went we got to do Dad's favorite thing, an NBA basketball game.
This is Cooper during the game:

He missed out on our amazing seats:

so close!!! Also he didn't see Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson who were at the game. Maybe the Mavs lost cause she was there...but we still enjoyed a good game and everyone was amazed that Cooper slept through the whole game. Of course we took him out for a family picture toward the end of the game.

We spent the night at the Embassy Suites then on Wednesday after a few more people got to meet Cooper we headed home. He did pretty good in the car, but bad enough to make us think about flying to the beach this summer. It was a great first family trip!

2 weeks

Today Cooper went for his well child check up, he now weighs a whole 5 lbs 8 ounces, but he is 21 1/2 inches long, surely this means he'll take after his dad for his height and not me! Cooper met his cousin Lydia this week, they are exactly 6 months apart, here are a few shots of them.

At Pops:

With their grandmas:

With their great-grandma:

Also we attended Santa Fe's last basketball game on Friday night, they made it past the first round of state, but unforturnately lost in the semi-finals. We are so proud of the team, they went further they were expected to go, Cooper supported his favorite team with a custom onesie!

Finally Cooper made his debut at church this weekend, as Necon and Jeni warned us, we'll be the last people to leave church probably for the next year, here he is before he left the house:

We made it 1 week

Well it has been a little over a week since Cooper arrived, and I'd say we're doing alright. I wouldn't be able to do it without the help from my mom and my grandma who take me places, cook for me, and clean my house since Jeremy is back busy at work getting those wolves ready for State! Cooper is adjusting to his life well, I think he likes it, he doesn't cry about it to much. Here are a few highlights from this week:

This is his first bath I gave him myself, the 2nd one with Dad's help went much better, and oh how I love the bouncers, it's how I get a peaceful morning breakfast!

Welcome to your life!

Well after being parents for about 5 and a half day things are going pretty well. Cooper's weight has dropped to 5 pounds 4 ounces, but he is eating well so hopefully we'll see his weight increase soon. His doctor checks him again on Monday to make sure. Other then the fact that to go anywhere right now I'm completely dependent on someone else to drive me I am doing great! We've had several more visitors since we've been home. Cooper got to meet Jessie, Greg, and Valari for the first time and April, Zane, and Josh came over too. He really is a very good baby and he sleeps really well. Yesterday he had some first....

First trip to Starbucks with mom, grandma, and grandpa (he slept)

Cooper made his first appearance to a Santa Fe basketball game (he slept, really he did, buzzers, whistles, and all)

Now Cooper is their lucky charm because they made it to state!! So next week we're headed to the state tournament! GO wolves!

Proud Coach and Dad!

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