if he only knew

Apparently Cooper was not in a good mood this morning because Jeremy tried to clean his nose, and he was scared of Kevin Durant....someday he'll appreciate this!

Beat the heat!

I don't know what it is about the last 2 Thursdays, but I have been blessed to photograph some of the most amazing events in this great state! Yesterday I photographed Don Quiote for Lisa Webb's ballet company. Let me tell you, I was kinda excited about it, but knew it was going to be a lot of work and something I haven't done before. By the time I was done shooting for about 8 hours, I was so amazed. The costumes were amazing, the dancers were surperb, and trust me its worth the money to see the actors! It's showing twice today at Rose State, so if you've got nothing else to do, you might check it out. Or....you could sit inside at your airconditioned house and look at the thousands of pictures I'm in the process of uploading from the event. I'm not kidding when I say I took well over 6,000 pictures, have thrown out the trash and am now uploading what's left over, which is still a lot of pictures. I'd say 4-5 thousand. If these parents don't make me rich...well I guess I can say I really enjoyed the ballet and the experience. I can't even begin to pick my favorite photos...but here are a few!

and YES! That is my dad and Jim Baird, classic!

There are a few....

advantages to eating lunch at Grandma's over a restaurant!

Advantage: Cooper

Advantage: Mom

you've waited patiently

So, on Thursday night I photographed a Wine, Women, and Shoes event at Gallardia. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I took some family pictures for a lady who was on the committee a while back and donated a family photo shoot to her auction, then offered to photograph the event for them. This is all money for Make A Wish foundation, so it was all for charity....go here to see pictures, it was an amazing event.

Back to the story, so between my freshman and sophomore year of high school I did The Adam's Course, which is like group personalized training for running and speed. There was the hottest trainer, we all had crushes on him. So I am at this event and I see him...so after a while I figured out where I knew him from and I asked him, "didn't you work at The Adam's Course?" He said "yes.... it's Michelle right?". I about rolled over and died because for the life of me I couldn't remember his name...it's Bart. I must have made probably not a good impression on his in my working out for him to remember mine, or he's way better with names then I ever will be. Well, I really wanted to take a picture of him so I could blog about it, and as luck would have it, he was in the fashion show....so meet Bart, my personal trainer from high school, at least for the Summer.....

and they were selling these scarves...do you see the price tag on this thing...2 thoughts:
1) obviously this is why I'm working at this event, and not attending
2) this scarf for that much better make me look 40 lbs. lighter or something!

(the price is $265.00 or more per scarf)

Finally check out Britt's Baby Bump blog...it's my first blog design for someone else!


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but we've been busy bees around here. Last weekend Jeremy went home and I made over 5 dozen of these for Mary's shower. I seriously have the BEST 1 year old in the whole world, because I was at home, alone with him, and he kindly watched Baby Einstein and let me finish these!

(I have no idea why this won't load horizontally)

We also visited my BFF Jenny and the Olson's Garden, and we tried to take some cute pictures of Cooper, he just wouldn't take his hand out of his mouth, but he loved getting to touch the fish!
( You can't see the fish great here, but the orange spots are HUGE fish, and they'll suck on your fingers and toes....they must be BFF with Tanner from the Bachelorette!)

My Dad and Brother (and everyone else in my family that went on the trip) got back safely. With lots of gifts for Cooper in tow....

his sheep, he loves these things, when my dad gave them to him he squealed with excitment and ran around their house saying, "baa...baaa.....baa" he then slept with both of them and we had to take one of them to church on Sunday morning. I'll say a week later, he still loves them, but thankfully is not as attached.

And thank you Mama Jo for the loud drum, luckily I seem to have misplaced this in the toy mess (otherwise known as Cooper's room); I have not heard this thing since he got it at lunch last Sunday, at Texas Roadhouse. I'm sure everyone sitting around us was thrilled, but luckily that's not the quietest place, and they let you throw peanuts on the floor. I'm pretty sure a drum from Egypt didn't destry the peace.

Other then that, Basketball camp has officially started and I had 3 photo jobs last week, and I've got 3 next week. So if those, my part-time job, and my food blog that is still going strong isn't enough to keep me busy, trying to keep my house remotely clean is! Just fyi....my next post is going to be good....real good....we'll say it involves a crush from high school...

weekend in pics

Stop 1: Family Shoot In Norman , not our family, another family that I was taking the pics of

Stop 2: Turner Falls, where Cooper slept most of the time and it was a little too chilly for water

Stop 3: Branch's (Dan and Kate Branch's) Wedding at the cutest little chapel on Kate's family ranch

(Cooper on the Bus with his new BFF Sarah Elenor, we probably owed our cousins money after the night was over. )

Stop 4: The Reception....where this

was the first course, yes Summer, I did take a picture of the salad, and it isn't very good (the picture ,not the salad I thought it was excellent, but seriously has anyone else seen a salad served like this, maybe next BK, totally joking, I don't think mine would look this pretty), and I unlike several other parents was not smart enough to make other arrangements for this guy:

Luckily we were seated at the "wedding crasher" table, otherwise known as they didn't get our RSVP card back and the other people happened to be the parents of my BFF from college. Cooper was for real on his best behavior and they kept saying how great he was being. Although I was shocked on the inside, I outwardly blew it off like he always acted like this at the fancy dinners we attend so much. This morning we had family worship then headed back to OKC, where I am currently paying for keeping a little boy out way past his bed time, because he is so tired and not being on his best behavior. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, a beautiful wedding, and a great time hanging out with family!

My kitchen

This is what my kitchen looks like after cooking 4 meals in a row....I am not ashamed to show you this, more of a reminder for me to not let this happen again, the bad thing is, it has been worse and it will happen again. My lovely husband informed me last night to not schedule anything from July 2nd-July 5th....and not to try to figure out where we are going, that I won't know until we get to the airport. All I know is I don't need my passport and Cooper is staying at my parents. This is exciting and scary at the same time!

15 months

I really can't believe it has been 15 months since Cooper was born! Jeremy and I took him to the doc yesterday for his check up and shots. He has always done so good with shots, today the regular nurse that usually gives him his shots wasn't there. But the other nurse did just fine and he cried for about 2 seconds when she was done with his second shot. We don't visit the doctor much, we go to my uncle, so we see him a lot at church and other things, but if I ever think Cooper is getting sick I just call him at home, which is super nice! Luckily Cooper has been a very healthy baby!

15 months
Height: 31 inches, 90%
Weight: 25 lbs., 75%

We're all packing up and Jeremy and Cooper are coming with me on a little family shoot in Norman, then we're headed to Turner Falls and then to a wedding in Ardmore today. So I'm sure I'll have a ton of pictures when we come back!

You're Invited!

Trust me...you should go to this. Their garden is so amazing, the pictures on this flyer don't do it justice. Cooper loves going over there are seeing the fish. I think that the cause is so worthy, this couple has such a huge heart for this and they will have lots of nice plants and flowers you can buy as well. Their son, Preston has Down Syndrome, he is so sweet and he loves Cooper. You may have seen him at Panera bread before. So if you've got the time you should go buy and check it out, I don't think you'll be dissappointed!

Why does

a little boy this cute bite me and pull my hair? Now I'm sure this is just a phase or something, but does any other mom have this problem? He doesn't do anything "mean" to Jeremy, just me. So what are your suggestions?

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