I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but we've been busy bees around here. Last weekend Jeremy went home and I made over 5 dozen of these for Mary's shower. I seriously have the BEST 1 year old in the whole world, because I was at home, alone with him, and he kindly watched Baby Einstein and let me finish these!

(I have no idea why this won't load horizontally)

We also visited my BFF Jenny and the Olson's Garden, and we tried to take some cute pictures of Cooper, he just wouldn't take his hand out of his mouth, but he loved getting to touch the fish!
( You can't see the fish great here, but the orange spots are HUGE fish, and they'll suck on your fingers and toes....they must be BFF with Tanner from the Bachelorette!)

My Dad and Brother (and everyone else in my family that went on the trip) got back safely. With lots of gifts for Cooper in tow....

his sheep, he loves these things, when my dad gave them to him he squealed with excitment and ran around their house saying, "baa...baaa.....baa" he then slept with both of them and we had to take one of them to church on Sunday morning. I'll say a week later, he still loves them, but thankfully is not as attached.

And thank you Mama Jo for the loud drum, luckily I seem to have misplaced this in the toy mess (otherwise known as Cooper's room); I have not heard this thing since he got it at lunch last Sunday, at Texas Roadhouse. I'm sure everyone sitting around us was thrilled, but luckily that's not the quietest place, and they let you throw peanuts on the floor. I'm pretty sure a drum from Egypt didn't destry the peace.

Other then that, Basketball camp has officially started and I had 3 photo jobs last week, and I've got 3 next week. So if those, my part-time job, and my food blog that is still going strong isn't enough to keep me busy, trying to keep my house remotely clean is! Just fyi....my next post is going to be good....real good....we'll say it involves a crush from high school...


Ginny said...

ohhhh I crush from high school. I'm so excited! :)

Suzanne said...

Cooper is so good! And your cookies looked pretty darn good too!
I love his outfit when you went to the garden

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