Well, since last time I blogged, we moved into a pod, well most everything in our house. We moved enough stuff to survive on to my parents house, our renters moved in, so did some mice to our house, and it snowed, a lot. So we've been a little busy. Our travel plans were altered, but Cooper had a great past 4-5 days of Christmas. He's going to go into shock because he won't be opening anymore presents after today. But he's one lucky little boy, and in his make shift room at my parents house, he has a total of 7 RIDING toys, so I'd say he's set to go. Here are a few pics.

Gingerbread Houses

I think this is the 3rd year that we've done Gingerbread houses close to Thanksgiving. Last year Jeremy and I didn't make the competition, the year before that Katie was my partner and this year Cooper was supposed to me my helper. Yeah, that worked out well. Every "couple" makes a house then we judge each others, the top 3 get a prize. This year I won! All by myself! So exciting, it's my first year to win. My house smelled really good too! Here is the winning house!

and what Cooper was doing....

The light....

at the end of the tunnel is here! We have finally found some renters for our house! Not all the details are worked out yet, but they have agreed to a year lease and they want to move in before Christmas. This is all a little stressful considering we don't have a place to live down there.

Not going to lie, it's been a long 4 months, and it is very bittersweet for me to write this because you all know I love it here. I will be back often for doctor's appointments and photography commitments, so not all is lost. You're probably going to forget I even moved cause I really will be here about every weekend in January.

Please continue to pray that the renters work out smoothly and our transition down to McAlester or Atoka goes well. I'm planning to go there on Tuesday and work all those details out. Mostly pray for me as I make a huge transition in becoming more of a stay at home mom and country living! I am so excited to spend more time with Cooper, but as I have learned in the past few months being here alone, it isn't always easy. I am blessed to be able to continue working some and we are really hoping my photography business picks up. Thanks for all your support during these last few months, it is so encouraging to know wherever I may move I always have the best friends here!

What I get....

for thinking surely Cooper will be as awesome this year with Santa Pics as he was last year.....

You bet I drove him straight home, pulled out his picture from last year and talked to him about how we liked Santa, and how next time we see him we will smile for the picture. We'll see how that little chat went when I take him up to the mall to have his pic made for a 2nd time this year and a heafty price. After his little nose and forehead don't look like he just lost a fight.....

Boswell Family Thanksgiving

Every 3 years my grandmother's sisters have a family reunion, pretty much everyone makes plans to attend. As strange at it sounds, we all love being together. This year we made the trek to North Carolina, I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of where we stayed, it was super nice. You can check it out here!We had a lot of fun, fellowship, and really good food. I'm dreading getting on that scale in a couple of weeks. Here is Thanksgiving in pictures....well pictures of Cooper!

Fishing with Granddad

Running around

If we would have let him, he would've sat in this all day, and probably all night

That's a scary thought...Cooper and Levi, driving, don't worry this isn't moving!

Jeremy shot a gun

Cooper would go live with the Adams kids, he loves them

Devo at the River (yes we had one every night, don't act like you're surprised!)

Cooper's BFF Sarah

Friday while the men were golfing and the women went antique shopping, Jeni, myself, and her parents took the kids to the Winston-Salem Children's Museum

and that about wraps up where we were last week, a lot of time in the car, but worth every minute!

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