Merry Christmas

A full report will be coming soon, but here is the best we could do for a card this year! I hope you and your family are having a happy merry day!


We had a mostly positive experience with Santa. Kellyn was fine, although I think she thought we were crazy. Maddie was just super shy and kept putting her face into Santa....and Cooper cried cause he'd already seen Santa at school and didn't need to see him again. But it's in the books.....this was the best pic, with Santa looking at the camera. (My favorite one of the kids Santa wasn't looking)


We've been super busy and are looking forward to Christmas break! Blurb was having a sale so I made our 2008 album! I can't wait to get it; it was 83 pages! So much fun to see Cooper as a baby!
So here are a few pics of what's going on around here!

Basketball games....lots of them!

The kids have been playing "ship" in Kellyns bath tub.

We got and decorated our tree. We also attempted a family pic for Christmas turned out okay, not the amazing picture of all of us I had envisioned.

I've been trying to get a little exercise in to loose some unwanted lbs!

And she is going so fast until she just collapses.....hope everyone is having a good holiday season! Christmas is just around the corner!


So I am in the process of turning my blog into books! I started with 2007. I am using blurb, and I love it. I think blogging might be the best thing I do for our family. I'm going to do it by years, so here is to starting's full of blogs so it'll take a while. I mentioned to a friend I have often thought about stopping the blog, but I got my book and now I don't ever want to stop! This is blog is going to provide us with great family yearbooks!

Busy busy busy

So it's that time of year for basketball! Our week has looked like this.....Monday night Jeremy had Coopers practice, Tuesday night JV game, tonight team dinner, tomorrow first varsity game at Tonkawa, Friday night second varsity game at Frontier, Saturday am Cooper's game, followed by Senior breakfast.....oh I'm shooting a ballet for 2 days in there somewhere. I'm worn out just reading this, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

My kids love these boys!

Kellyn loves ice cream cake roll!


Well I did a horrible job of taking any pictures of Thanksgiving, it went by seriously fast, like I blinked and it was over. So we managed a quick trip to Texas to visit the inlaws for lunch and then headed back to my parents house in time for some left overs and decorating Gingerbread houses. Which is fun with little kids....don't believe me, see for yourself. (I managed to remember to snap a few pics!)

The last one is my finished house, it turned out pretty good. I should've taken a pic of all the ones, there were some good ones this year! I hope everyone else had a great's to a great basketball season! Cause it's starting again!


Jeremy joined the 30's decade last week. (Yes, if you're keeping track, I am older then him.) Since our schedule is so crazy busy right now with basketball gearing up, we just had a little "surprise" party at home. Cooper always likes to jump out and say "surprise, happy birthday!" So I gave him a reason to. We decorated the house and turned the lights out and waited about 15 minutes in the dark. The kids were so excited and couldn't wait for him to come home. I made manicotti for dinner because it's one of his favorites, and I don't make it a lot. For the cake we did a spice cake/white cake, it was delicious. (The next day the poor cake ended up on the floor courtesy of Maddie.) So happy birthday to Jeremy, I hope his day was great!

(Kellyn snuck some cake, she is getting very good at getting whatever she wants to eat....)

Double header

So I had to drive back from the play Friday night because Cooper had his first basketball game at 9:00 Saturday morning! It works better for me to drive back late and my parents were coming, so I left Maddie with them, since she was already asleep on the drive to their house from the Civic Center.

Jeremy's dreams have come true and Cooper started basketball. After having to deal with some scheduling issues we started up last week with our first practice and game! I feel like I never realize how busy we are starting now until I look at a calendar. (or maybe until I try to add more things to our schedule)It's a pretty controlled game, no fast breaks, and the kids have to stay on their dots until the ball is shot, so it's 2 slow 15 minute quarters. At least the clock keeps running. Jeremy and I are co-coaching, but really he is just doing it. Those parents don't know how lucky they are.....


Of course our day wouldn't be complete without following up the first basketball game with our last soccer game of the season at 10:30! So the boys have improved some, I think mostly they learned we changed directions at half time. But I think everyone had fun. I found a place online to get some little inexpensive medals since it was most of their first time to play a sport. I think they liked their medals. It was so incredibly windy on Saturday, but they scored a couple of goals against the wind, so I was proud of them!

So next weeks double header will consist of basketball game at 9:00 and Senior breakfast start at 10:30, so we will be rushing home to cook for the boys, but it's a smaller group this time, so a little easier. Oh and I'm not pregnant so that makes everything easier!

Mary Poppins

In quite the contrast to my super loud and rocking Thursday evening, Friday night turned into a night out with the girls. We have season tickets to the Broadway shows at the Civic Center. I love musicals, I saw 13 when I spent the summer in NYC. I think they are so fun, it's nice cause it isn't something you do all the time. (Unless you're a semi permanent resident of NYC) So Jeremy wasn't going to come to Mary Poppins (I haven't the slightest idea why!) so for my date I invited my dear friend Brittany. I know she doesn't get away from her girls much, so the original plan was for Kellyn and I to come to OKC Friday afternoon, eat dinner, Kellyn was hanging out with Aunt Colby for the night, and then I'd pick her up and drive back to Newkirk. But when my Grandma's stand in date, my cousin Charlie decided to bail, we thought Maddie would love it. (Which ended up beautiful cause I got to see Ryan Seacrest Aerosmith out of that.) Then after the concert Daniel decided he was out, so that's when I called Brittany on Friday morning and talked her into to bringing Molly. Those girls were too cute....see for yourself!

My Dad spoiled them like a good Granddad should and bought them these Mary Poppins dolls. They held them through the whole show, they clapped, oohed, and awed. They did really good until the technical difficulty pause in the 2nd act, which was past 10, so I'm proud of them. (Molly calls my parents grandma and granddad, so cute!) I guess their mom and I are forcing them to be best friends, which is okay. Every girl needs a life long friend!

And I was just happy to have the massive chocolate cake from Iron Star BBQ before hand, if you haven't had it from Cheever's or there, you're totally missing out. So amazingly good...obviously I'm starving and I need to be eating that.....and 1 piece is enough for a crowd. In my next post I'll feature why I had to drive back to Newkirk after the late show....I got home at 1:30 am!

12 years ago

My Dad let my BFF and I drive to San Antonio to see Aerosmith in concert. We were Seniors in high school. It was amazing and we couldn't remember where we parked after cause it was in this field. That was awful, like we cried. Well I was coming to town tomorrow to go to Mary Poppins and after some ticket shuffling Maddie was going to be joining us. So my amazing Dad called and asked if I wanted to come tonight and go to Aerosmith....which I so desperately did because I've been missing my concert life. So he bought some awesome seats and Dan, my dad, and I had a great time! Maybe next week I'll be able to hear!

Oh and it got better cause not only did Randy Jackson make a cameo....BUT Ryan Seacrest was there too!

And I know this pics aren't great, thank you major back lighting! So thanks to the best Dad ever for a great night out!


This past weekend was OC's Homecoming and I went to attend the Alumni Banquet on Friday night. OC presented my grandparents, along with the McBride's the Legacy Award. I'm pretty sure working anywhere for 60 years and counting should equal a Legacy, or possibly more. Or maybe when you send all of your children, they meet their spouses, and a good number of your grandchildren to the same school that equals a Legacy. The banquet was very sweet and it made me think about how proud they are of OC. How little OC was when they arrived to the small college at Bartlesville and how much it has grown from the 7 original buildings at the campus now. I know my grandparents have poured their heart and soul into that place and they are well deserved for some recognition. (Although you know they didn't want it.) I think it is great for OC to remember where it began and to always recognize the people that have paved the path for what it is and stands for today. Although there has been a lot of changes at OC I hope it always remains close to the churches of Christ and doesn't stray from what it is too much. I also hope although OC may always ask for money, that as alumni we continue to support the campus and it's cause as best we can. OC is a special place, I hope it remains that way forever. The kids got to walk in the parade with Mama Jo, Papa Staff, and my Dad on Saturday. I love these pictures and I know I'll cherish these moments my kids get to spend with their great grandparents forever!

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween parties

We carved pumpkins and I was determined to put Kellyn in a pumpkin.....she was determined not to like it! Cooper and Maddie were excited to carve the pumpkins and mom and dad were excited to eat some seeds....Kellyn was just excited to not be in the pumpkin!

Then on Halloween Grandma came into town to go Trick-or-Treating with Cooper's class at 8:30 this morning. They visit "retired friends" it was the cutest thing ever! Then they had their party after, so we stayed for it. Maddie was not happy about leaving school!

Then we went to visit our "adopted families" in Newkirk and met up for a huge Halloween bash, where we left with friends to trick-or-treat! Cooper says that it was such a fun Halloween party....and Maddie got a new Newkirk Cheer uniform out of the deal, so with that and the loads of candy we brought home everyone was happy!

Now I will try to keep myself from eating the candy we bought to hand out, since obviously we weren't home at all! Hope everyone else had a great Halloween!

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