12 years ago

My Dad let my BFF and I drive to San Antonio to see Aerosmith in concert. We were Seniors in high school. It was amazing and we couldn't remember where we parked after cause it was in this field. That was awful, like we cried. Well I was coming to town tomorrow to go to Mary Poppins and after some ticket shuffling Maddie was going to be joining us. So my amazing Dad called and asked if I wanted to come tonight and go to Aerosmith....which I so desperately did because I've been missing my concert life. So he bought some awesome seats and Dan, my dad, and I had a great time! Maybe next week I'll be able to hear!

Oh and it got better cause not only did Randy Jackson make a cameo....BUT Ryan Seacrest was there too!

And I know this pics aren't great, thank you major back lighting! So thanks to the best Dad ever for a great night out!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

You are so fortunate...once I had kids my old life was OVER! Fun to do some things like that once in a while!

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