Don't tell his dad...

I'm creating a monster, I have a serious addiction to Starbucks, like as in I need coffee from there every day. I ran out of coffee on Wednesday so this morning Cooper and I went to get some, I got him a little treat as well. He can play basketball with his dad all he wants, but I need someone to go get coffee with me! (I don't buy an actual drink from there everday, but I make Starbucks brand coffee at home every morning.) The picture I didn't get was Cooper trying to get the last drop out of my starbucks cup, I'm sure the oppurtunity for that will present itself once again. Here is Cooper enjoying his Blueberry Coffee Cake!
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Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

I had to make a dessert for our Bible Study Luncheon on Thursday, due to the weather the study was canceled, but we still met for lunch. I couldn't decide what to bring, which is a problem. I know I have a cooking blog, I'm cooking everyday for a year, but Rachael Ray doesn't do many desserts. One of my friends at work is an AMAZING baker, I'm sure I'm not losing some of my baby weight due to the sweet treats she brings to work for us to try, so she gave me this Chocolate Surprise Cupcake Recipe, I highly recommend you make them, you will love them. I topped mine with a little whip cream!

oh how I love...

Yes, I am proud to say I'm a boy band junkie, and I am spending a lot less then I have on the past in tickets, but I will be making the drive to T-town to see this old love of my perform with 3 of my girls...I've never seen them before and I'm sure I'll be screaming and singing along with all the other 20-30 year old somethings that loved this band when they were younger. But I also won't make a complete idiot out of myself like I would if it were....oh I don't know.....NSYNC (please please get back together and go on tour!)


you're even too tired to lay completely down!

Last week after CWBS it was the same story, only he fell asleep in a shopping cart, he sure loves playing with all those girls!

Display of disgustingly Cute

Cooper is fastly approaching his first birthday, I'm practicing his amazing cake that he's going to tear into, I just can't believe he's almost 1! It goes so fast. A while back when it was so nice outside, we went to the park with Dad, usually Cooper and I go alone, so it was exciting that Dad got to come. I'm warning you, the pictures below are so cute they almost make me sick...okay totally doesn't make me sick, I love them, and there are way more then just the few here! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Cooper at work!

He Shoots
From basketball

He Scores (and people cheer, this makes him happy!)
From basketball

Our life in Ponder
From basketball

always on the court!


As a little experiment I have a new blog, its not replacing this one, so don't worry you'll still get your Cooper fix. Check out my cooking blog, its not Bakerella or Pioneer Women, more of my experiences for the year cooking Rachael Ray recipes, you might love her or hate her, but seriously without her shows and cookbooks, we'd be starving at my house. So if you're curious about what we're eating for dinner everyday in 2009, head on over, maybe you'll be inspired too!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day after opening presents here, we left for Texas for a few days, so that's why we're here 1 week later posting. Christmas is so much better when you have kids, I never knew how much I would enjoy watching them open their presents...and I'm sure it just gets better from here, because to be honest, Cooper wasn't really all that interested this year, I'm sure next year that will all change. Don't get me wrong he loves his new cell phone, telephone, airplane, lap top, 2 basketball goals, dianosour,rocking chair, and especially his clothes (okay maybe not that so much!)Here is just a brief sampling of the joy!

Family Christmas Party

Well you may not know that Jeremy and I actually have 7 kids....not just 1. Every year we all get together for a little Christmas Party that consists of decorating Christmas Cookies, craziness, picture taking...and chaos, but every year they beg to come back and we love these girls so we let them. This is our 3rd Annual Young Family Christmas Party, with a new addition this year!

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