Display of disgustingly Cute

Cooper is fastly approaching his first birthday, I'm practicing his amazing cake that he's going to tear into, I just can't believe he's almost 1! It goes so fast. A while back when it was so nice outside, we went to the park with Dad, usually Cooper and I go alone, so it was exciting that Dad got to come. I'm warning you, the pictures below are so cute they almost make me sick...okay totally doesn't make me sick, I love them, and there are way more then just the few here! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Ryan and Katie said...

You are correct. I just threw up a little bit they were THAT cute! :) And yes we do need to do lunch soon. Maybe next week?

Ginny said...

I knew you would be as excited as I am! I highly encourage an Edmond caravan to Tulsa for a super fun concert night. :)

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