Or being pushed for 7 miles is so tiring.....and not just for them!

Cooper looks so big here. Maddie is getting big too....it's a good thing there is a new baby coming! Not from me....David and Leslie are having a girl! Can't wait to meet the little sweet thing in August!

I got tagged.....

Well I got tagged.....unless Brooke knows another Michelle Y., which I guess is possible, so I thought oh why not, I'll answer the questions. I'm answering these first things that come to mind....

Four Places I go:
1. Kiowa Church of Christ
2. Pittsburg Post Office (where we pick our mail up cause they don't deliver it in these parts)
3. McAlester's Wal-Mart, to buy groceries and anything else I need on Thursday morning, where they have been out of Chocolate Chips for 3 weeks
4. A tie between Edmond or Pittsburg's Basketball Gym

Four Favorite Smells:
1. Coffee
2. Outside after the rain (while drinking coffee....)
3. Maddie....she's still got that sweet baby smell, most of the time
4. A pot roast cooking

Four Favorite TV Shows:
1. Top Chef....(All Stars is on right now...Richard is my favorite, always has been....he's in the finals!!!)
2. Amazing Race ( I beg Jeremy repeatedly to let me send in a video for us to get on this show, he always says no)
3. Vampire Diaries....I know, I'm 12
4. Project Runway....even though it isn't on right now

Four Favorite Movies:
1. Mission Impossible, the first one
2. Legally Blonde
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Twillight

Four Recommendations:
1. Thank God for your kids....seriously thank Him now. There is a family here in Kiowa we have become close to, they have a daughter and daughter-in-law both pregnant with boys due in April. Their sweet daughter gave birth to her baby today, and he is not going to make it, this really just breaks my heart. They've known for a while this was a strong possibility, but you always hope for the best. I'm sure the next few weeks will not be easy on them, but I also know God always works things out for the best. You might say a little prayer for them now. (Their other grandson is expected to be just fine.)
2. Enjoy life, just the simple things
3. Play with your kids, even though we live in the middle of no where I seem to get so busy, I don't realize how much especially Cooper loves it when I stop everything I'm doing, just to do whatever his little 3 year old heart desires!
4. Try to learn something you'd like to be good at (for me I'm working on sewing)

Four Favorite Things to do:
1. Run....even if I go oh so painfully slow, I love it, being outside, running with the kids...you know, I can go forever, but again, I'm super slow
2. Cook
3. Bake (yes those are 2 different things)
4. Travel

Four Things I dislike:
1. I'm disliking parents being more interested in being friends with their kids, people kids today need parents, not friends, be friends with them when they get older
2. People texting during movies, it's so distracting, espeically when I get to enjoy like 1 movie every 6 months
3. Laundry, I hate doing it, mostly folding it and putting it away
4. the scale.....

I'll skip the tagging 4 people, but maybe you'll just decide to answer anyway!

Sticking to my guns....

Cooper has been kind of potty training for a while, some days he's interested more then others. Well last week I decided enough is enough and it was time. Bribes don't really work well for him. He can tell you all the trains he gets, that he gets to go to Grandma's for a week by himself, you name it. So I resorted to this:

Those are all the toys he's lost because he hasn't made it to the potty. We were doing really good, but now it's like he doesn't care that they are up there. Now I just don't know what to do....time to give it up or should I stick to my guns?

Sewing progress

It's my goal to be a better seamstress. I'm not perfect, but I've successfully made a few items here and there. This is my first completely finished quilt:

I've got a friend who had some hand dyed burp clothes. We had a baby shower at church for some of our friend's daughter in law, who is actually moving to Kiowa! Which is always exciting to have more babies at church. I thought some
Dyed burp clothes might be nice, they weren't as blue as the look, but they turned out alright!

I had to sew a lot on these cause our lovely Wal-Mart doesn't carry the tri-fold cloth diapers. That and apparently chocolate chips, they've been out of those for 2 weeks. More projects to come!

Donkeys and Elephants

So last week I had to train in Edmond for a few days. So after the Class A and B state tourney was over, the kids and I hung out for a few days. I worked, they played with my mom. As much as she was worn out, I know she loved every minute!

We went to Miss Jane's to feed her donkeys one day. Cooper has been talking about how cute Miss Jane's donkeys are for weeks, but he has actually never seen them until last week.
As you can see he was also see he was the first person to try to ride the donkey.....it needs a little work!

Then my parents took the kids to see the Elephants, with the rest of everyone I know about, at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Cooper is still talking about how they blew trumpets, and how the elephants danced, on and on about the elephant exhibit at our house these days. He sure loves those animals!

(apparently he has a complex with people dressed up, I hate to admit I had that same problem)

And what's going to the zoo without conning your older cousin to take a pic on the lion statues? Overall it was a nice little trip, as Cooper would say we got to spend 8 days with grandma, sure those were some of the best of his life!

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