We had planned to be in Edmond for Easter. The 3 younger kids all got sick on Friday night at my parents. You haven't lived til you've cleaned up a sick kid who has a broken arm in a sling and ace wrap....at 1:30 am! Luckily my parents got up to help me out. Everyone was well enough to enjoy Easter at Mama Jo and Papa Staff's house. I kept Drew home from church just in case since he can't say when he's going to get sick. He was great all morning so I dressed him up and we went over to hunt!

Maddie found the big golden egg, she was really excited!

So Sunday Easter was great....until Drew got sick on the way home (I made it to the 2nd street exit) and the. Cooper got sick about exit 194....it was bad, real bad! But the car is cleaned and everyone has been good to go since then! So hopefully we won't revisit that anytime soon!

My next 24...

Sunday night Maddie fell getting off the glider at my parents house. After waiting and observing her for a while, and consulting with some ortho doctor friends we decided to take her to the ER at Children's. That is the best place to go when you kids have an emergency, mostly because they are just equipped to take care of kids. Right when we arrived a doctor came over to check her out and ordered some X-Rays to get the ball rolling. My mom and I were both able to be with her for those and I saw the first one and knew this probably wasn't ending well. She was handling the pain so well, but as we continued to sit it got worse. We finally got her in a room and she smiled for a little pic for the blog.

Here she is getting an IV started for some pain medicine. We were waiting for the consult with an Ortho who was tied up, oddly enough with another elbow. Maddie was #4 of the night with a broken humorous. She fell asleep soon after getting the pain medicine. A doctor that works for my mom came in and told us she would most likely need surgery, because that's how they fix them.

The ortho came in and confirmed putting pins in her arm to help it heal correctly, it was a closed operation, so they use an X-Ray machine to place them and only do an incision if it's absolutely necessary. She was admitted for the night for surgery in the morning.

She slept pretty good after another dose of morphine and about 7ish another resident came in to check her finger movement and wrote on her arm. They gave her IV fluids since she couldn't eat or drink anything. Aunt Lynn came to visit her and Aunt Colby came by before work to see her. Then her Dad got there so them morning went fast.

After talking with a very nice lady who showed her pictures of everywhere she would go they took her to surgery.
She was able to play with some toys while we waited to go over things with all the people that would be working on her. Her doctor ended up being my long time friend's Dad, so we were happy about that. They gave her sleeping medicine and wheeled her back.
After about an hour I was able to go back to recovery to see her. The doctor was able to place the pins and get the bones lined up perfectly, so they expect no problems for her in the future. There is always a chance that can occur, but it is a very small chance. We didn't stay in recovery too long, while she didn't fully wake up she moved around enough for them to move her back to her room.
She woke up not very happy and it took a few tries for her to start eating, and then a few times for her to keep that down. My dear friend Brittany visited us and then pulled double duty taking care of us and her family who was there for her aunts surgery. Maddie face-timed with her siblings and slept, and played, then finally was able to keep some food and water down.
This is her let's bust out of her smile! We finally convinced her to go with telling her she'd have to stay another night in the hospital, which she didn't want!
She walked herself out of the hospital and fell asleep on the way back to my parents house.
She is adjusting well to having one arm, and will be able to resume regular activities as soon as she gets her hard cast on Wednesday. I'm sure that won't make things normal, but should be easier since her arm won't be wrapped down around her. Which she hates, especially when it's close to pain medicine time. She has had several visitors and one of our babysitters even came over to help me wash her hair. So she's doing good; she is one tough cookie!

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