We had planned to be in Edmond for Easter. The 3 younger kids all got sick on Friday night at my parents. You haven't lived til you've cleaned up a sick kid who has a broken arm in a sling and ace wrap....at 1:30 am! Luckily my parents got up to help me out. Everyone was well enough to enjoy Easter at Mama Jo and Papa Staff's house. I kept Drew home from church just in case since he can't say when he's going to get sick. He was great all morning so I dressed him up and we went over to hunt!

Maddie found the big golden egg, she was really excited!

So Sunday Easter was great....until Drew got sick on the way home (I made it to the 2nd street exit) and the. Cooper got sick about exit 194....it was bad, real bad! But the car is cleaned and everyone has been good to go since then! So hopefully we won't revisit that anytime soon!


Ryan and Katie said...

Oh michelle! what a holiday nightmare! Its one of those memories you will look back on and laugh but NOT for many many years!!

Dan W. said...

Oh, I can't imagine the 1:30 a.m. mess!

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