Blessed Beyond.....

One of the hardest things about moving to the middle of no where was leaving church home of 28 years, full of my family and friends that I loved so much.

One Sunday when Cooper and I were in Edmond, Jeremy visited Kiowa Church of Christ. He already knew several people from there due to working Cage Camp. The next Sunday we all went, and I loved everything about this church. I love that we have class, worship, potluck, then a devo {which we never make it to because someone needs to eat and someone else desparately needs a nap}We quickly decided this would be our new church home, it is about 4 miles from our house, which is great cause we are always late. For a smaller church they take such good care of the kids. They work really hard to provide good classes for them. It took a while for Cooper to warm up to them, but now he loves them all! They even have started a nursery class for Maddie. It was great for us because they use the same cirriculum that MRCC uses so it was an easy transitition for Cooper.

They have wanted to have a shower for Maddie, since before she was born, but due to my crazy hectic schedule of doctor visits and being gone it never worked out, then we had it schedulded, but decided to change VBS to that week, so Sunday we finally had Maddie's shower. They sure did shower her with love, and Cooper wasn't left behind either. Special thanks to my mom for hanging out with us this weekend and I'm so glad she got to meet all our new church friends! Maddie was the first person to have a shower in the new fellowship hall.....and the first baby shower for them in a long long time.

4 months

Maddie is 4 months....and since I haven't started her Baby Book yet, here are her stats.....I'm a little late in posting!

Height: 24 inches
Weight: 10.5 lbs....*someone get this girl some food!

She does everything a normal 4 month old would do, everything goes in her mouth, she rolls over, smiles, laughs, pushes up on her arms, watches her big brother like a hawk, loves bath time, lives to eat (even though she may not look like it), takes great naps, likes for you to tell her she's pretty {this may not be a good sign}, likes to be talked to, she can sit with little support....oh and she can move across the room, by pushing her whole body across the rug, blanket, whatever she may be laying on. We love her so much!
*DISCLAIMER: please know Maddie is never deprived of food and since she is growing taller we will not worry about her weight for now...and she is gaining weight...she eats every 3 hours....and pretty much every 3 hours at night too....

It's as close as it gets

I said goodbye to my trusted coffee/espresso machine I've had for 7 years and said hello to this beauty:

With a shot of vanilla and a drizzle of caramel on top it's almost as good as having a starbucks! I can get the Starbucks latte primers delivered in the mail too. We are a match made in coffee heaven. Now I just need to find some white chocolate!
Oh and check out this happy 4 month old

4 how time flies when you're not sleeping!


This is my 300th post....sorry it isn't more exciting...but what is exciting is I got to spend a few days with this girl....

April and Zane came to OKC for a part of their furlough! I told her it doesn't seem like it has been 2 years since they left, she answered, I know, but you do have another kid. Is that the mark of a long time? I guess so. It was great to have some time with her to talk, shop, eat, and a movie. We got a lot in.
However, I may have to send my little girl to live with April...they became best friends real fast. Maddie loves her....even though she may not be smiling in this pic!

It was just like we were back in school living at my parents for the summer, although April brought her husband and I brought my 2 how things can change!

Pre-birthday party

Jeremy and I celebrated my birthday Friday. We were wanting to try an Italian place we hadn't visited yet. Some sweet ladies (nana and mimi) came over and watched the kids. We went ate dinner, went to walmart, then to another place for dessert. The hubs knocked it out if th park as far as gifts go....


Front of card...then the inside

You bet it plays "Perfect Day!" and it's always a good thing when this brand is involved

Saturday after Maddie and I got home from a little trip to OKC the dishes were even done. Must be my birthday week!! Thursday Cooper, Maddie, and I are headed to OKC for a few days to see some people all the way from Brazil.....and to celebrate my actual birthday! It's going to be a good week!

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