After a long 7 months, tomorrow our family will finally be together again, under one roof, for more then 1 night! It hasn't really sunk in that we are actually going to be moving to Pittsburg,OK (not PA!) tomorrow. It will be different, we will be a lot less busy, I'll have to drive 30 minutes to the grocery store, there is no mail, (I had to pay $40 bucks for a post office box), we will go and actually I will place membership at a new church for the first time in my life....this makes me very sad, but I try not to think about it. I'm sure we will build new relationships, enjoy slowing down for a bit, and if I can get internet there, don't worry I'm sure I'll be blogging it up! Yes, Cooper's 2nd birthday was yesterday, we are celebrating it tonight, so he'll have a proper Birthday post next week! Anyway, goodbye Edmond...I'll miss you, but don't you worry I'll be back every other Thursday to see my doc, we still have a baby to get here!

We all know really what I'm saying is goodbye Starbucks....I will miss you, but will visit you every other Thursday to get a fix!

Close of a chapter, opening a new one....

After all of last weekend's basketball excitement, unfortunately basketball season is now over. It all happened so fast, and although I don't think anyone would argue the Pittsburg Panthers had a great season, just not exactly the ending their coach hoped for. But, as that chapter closes, we are opening a new one. We are moving to Pittsburg, to a little cozy rental house. As soon as possibly next weekend. Pittsburg isn't the place where we thought we'd move, I'll do a photo tour once we're settled in and you'll see why. But, we are very excited to at lease all be together and get settled somewhere before Miss Maddie 12 weeks! This is going to be a bigger change of pace then I had originally thought, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to get internet there. (I'm kinda kidding about that, kinda not kidding about it.)It's true God does answer prayers, just not as fast as we'd like them to be. So next week, our little baby turns 2 and we'll probably move, that's going to be a busy week! At least I don't really have to pack, just all our stuff at my parents house!

They just needed a coach

Jeremy's team was 2-20 last year, this year, his first year they are 17-8, and here are the DISTRICT CHAMPS!!

I'm so proud of the boys and of Jeremy. It wasn't an easy game, but they hung in there and pulled out a W! So next week we'll be back for regionals! A parent told me tonight that it had been 10 years since they had won districts, and she told me how much the boys loved Jeremy. So even though we're living apart, I'm so proud of him for making an impact on this team and the town. It makes me feel that for now, he's in the right place.

Districts...Round 1

Pitt won their first District game! Cooper and I came down to see it last night and we're staying in a Hotel for the weekend. This saves Jeremy a trip home and gives my parents a break from Cooper's constant attention wanting. Winning last night means they automatically move on to next round, but we'd love to see them win tonight so they can be district champs! They play Kiowa, their rival, the schools are 3 miles apart. They have beat Kiowa 2 times this year, so hopefully they'll make it 3. The games are at Kiowa and it is great because the hospitality room is right above the Court, so I can watch the game and Cooper can run around. Plus we get to eat dinner in the room too, oh the perks of being a coach's wife!

If you ever need a hotel in McAlester, I'd recommend the AmericInn, it is managed by an OC Alumn, they have nice rooms, great breakfast, a heated indoor pool, and a hot tub. My legs enjoyed the hot tub, but that's it, since I can't get in further. It looks like we may be camping out here again next weekend too!

Downhill Slide....

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment. I had to take the glucose test, which the drink isn't all that bad, it's the waiting 1 hour for them to draw blood. I did ask my doc, "so when do we schedule this", to my surprise he said, anytime you want, let's do it now. I wasn't expecting that, and picking out a date to have your next child, is just strange. So, of course I picked the first date he told me I could have her, May 14th. Which means we will miss graduations, which I kinda feel bad about, but I knew when it came time, I'd want the first date possible. Again, I remember this time, 2 years ago when I waited for this bundle of joy to come in to the world.

I went to a ton of basketball games, thinking, any day my water is going to break at a game, and it is going to be oh so embarrassing. Well, that didn't happen, and our doc, whose daughter Jeremy happened to coach at one point was so nice to schedule Cooper to come around basketball playoffs. Meaning, we were able to have him and Jeremy not miss one game, and we were all able to enjoy the state tourney. This year, Cooper and I will be attending the playoffs with no back up plan for "in case I go into labor". So here is my list of things to do in the next 3 months before Maddie comes.

1. Find a house

Yep, that's pretty much all I need to do. I think I'm a little anxious about not moving before she gets here. Although, in the long run, it won't matter all that much, because I am delivering in OKC, and I plan to stay at my parents while Jeremy finishes up the school year. Not being able to drive or lift your 2 year old while being at home by yourself in a new town with a newborn isn't the best plan. Oh, and I need to be recovered the best I can by June 5th, when my cousin gets married, because I am taking their pics. Wouldn't do it for anyone else, but can't say no to this sweet couple, they are family! Plus, we'll probably be here a lot for cage camps this summer anyway, but this house is going to get a lot more crowded when you add a baby to this mix.

Don't ask why....

In March, it'll be a year since we knew there would be a good chance of us moving, in July we found out where we would move to, in December we finally rented our house, and the jokes on me if I thought it would be easy to find a place to live down in the McAlester Area.

I think often about what Colt McCoy said after his injury in the National Championship game, you probably didn't care, or probably didn't watch it, but the reporter asked him, how do you feel about your injury? -something like that. I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting the answer she got. I was so impressed he took a deep breath, thought for a minute, and said you know, I know God is in charge of my life, I don't ever ask why things happen, I know God has a plan. As Christians shouldn't that be our answer everytime something not ideal happens to us? What if we didn't ask why?

So, I will continue to wait, and be patient, and trust in the fact that I know God has a plan for me. Sometimes it's nice to hear someone else say, in a very public way they think the same way!

snow days....

So Saturday Cooper brought all of us our coats and wanted to go outside. It didn't last long and he won't wear gloves, so he just walked around a bit. I guess that was our sign that he was bored of being inside, I don't blame him!

So you may have seen on Facebook, my mom broke her arm in NYC, I guess maybe God is saying I'll let you find a house, when you're mom can take care of herself. Okay, sorry mom, it isn't that bad, but she can't drive, or lift things. Try explaining that to an almost 2 year old little boy. He doesn't quite understand. So hopefully soon we'll find an appropriate house. I never thought in a million years it would take me this long to find a house and get into a house. Or I would've started looking a long time ago. Oh well, guess I'll keep waiting on one. In the meantime, just pray that I keep patience, and my sanity. We are on a 14 week clock here, that is 14 weeks, until we become a family of 4 with all our stuff in storage and living in the room I grew up it. Jealous, aren't you?

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