Close of a chapter, opening a new one....

After all of last weekend's basketball excitement, unfortunately basketball season is now over. It all happened so fast, and although I don't think anyone would argue the Pittsburg Panthers had a great season, just not exactly the ending their coach hoped for. But, as that chapter closes, we are opening a new one. We are moving to Pittsburg, to a little cozy rental house. As soon as possibly next weekend. Pittsburg isn't the place where we thought we'd move, I'll do a photo tour once we're settled in and you'll see why. But, we are very excited to at lease all be together and get settled somewhere before Miss Maddie 12 weeks! This is going to be a bigger change of pace then I had originally thought, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to get internet there. (I'm kinda kidding about that, kinda not kidding about it.)It's true God does answer prayers, just not as fast as we'd like them to be. So next week, our little baby turns 2 and we'll probably move, that's going to be a busy week! At least I don't really have to pack, just all our stuff at my parents house!

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