Don't ask why....

In March, it'll be a year since we knew there would be a good chance of us moving, in July we found out where we would move to, in December we finally rented our house, and the jokes on me if I thought it would be easy to find a place to live down in the McAlester Area.

I think often about what Colt McCoy said after his injury in the National Championship game, you probably didn't care, or probably didn't watch it, but the reporter asked him, how do you feel about your injury? -something like that. I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting the answer she got. I was so impressed he took a deep breath, thought for a minute, and said you know, I know God is in charge of my life, I don't ever ask why things happen, I know God has a plan. As Christians shouldn't that be our answer everytime something not ideal happens to us? What if we didn't ask why?

So, I will continue to wait, and be patient, and trust in the fact that I know God has a plan for me. Sometimes it's nice to hear someone else say, in a very public way they think the same way!


OK Chick said...

Hang in there! You'll find something.

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

Well said Michelle...or Colt. :) I find it hard to sit back and just accept what He gives us sometimes without questioning the purpose. I like to ask questions! Hang in there my dear! Your time will come.

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