Bandwagon finders....

After several post from my dear friend Katie I decided to check into this Geochaching. So last weekend I checked and there were to my surprise several caches in Newkirk. So the kids and I started out on our hunting! Our first was walking distance from our house...

Unfortunately it was a little disappointing cause we couldn't climb to get it. I probably could've but given recent histories with broken bones we opted out. So we went back home to collect Maddie and Drew and we drove to a couple more that we were able to find!

So we will see how many more we go after. I downloaded the free app cause I thought it might be fun to do on occasion when we needed out of the house!
Then I started working at the Enid Courthouse just for a few weeks and now I'm so tired and worn out! I'll be lucky if I have clean clothes to wear next week! So our next adventure may be put on hold for a while!

Last Day of School!

Last Friday was our last day of school at Newkirk. We are so proud of all that Cooper accomplished in Kindergarten! We are prayerfully and thoughtfully considering the best plan for him for 1st Grade. He is such a smart boy so we want him to continue to enjoy school and not be bored if he has nothing to do. We have a lot of options and I'm sure we will figure out what is best for him in the long run! Meanwhile the last day of school is Big Blast....lots of fun and blowup toys on the football field! A Newkirk Alum came over to watch the younger kids so I could go help out for a couple of hours!

I got a Happy Summer cookie cake that Kellyn go into early, luckily when she stepped on it the lid was still on!

Saturday we went to graduation to watch Dylan, Tanner, and Andrew graduate. Lucky for me it was only an hour. We will sure miss those boys next year!

No 2014 Graduation is complete without a selfie...before the "moving of the tassels" the guy actually said, "but first, let me take a selfie!" I thought it was pretty clever!

The only picture I got with one of the kids were in a hurry to get to Edmond to get to Arkansas, but they really do love Tanner!


The family that lives across the street from my parents daughter got married Sunday. My mom offered my services last fall to help out. (Which I was totally okay with) So I got set up to cater the wedding for them. Initially months ago when we talked about this for some reason I was under the impression of a smaller wedding, like around 100. Well originally this came up cause I had just done the breakfast reception and the bride really liked that. The grooms parents didn't feel the same way; I get it, Sunday night and they are actually from Canada so a lot of international visitors. We settled on roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, French bread, and salad at our meeting in March. I may have been off on my number thinking by 150, so 250 was our magic number. Naturally I blew it off like it was no big deal....I was freaking out a little inside. I recruited my 2 best girls, bought some more chaffing dishes, and went to making my list. A week ago the brides mother and I made a trip to Sam's to purchase most of the food and I stored it in a friends garage fridge all week. We prepped some Saturday night and spent Sunday cooking! 15 bags of carrots, 15 bags of green beans, 10 bags of salad, 6 bags of chicken tenders, 63 lbs of roast, and 100 lbs of red potatoes we fed a lot of people seamlessly! A huge thanks to my dad who took my 2 older kids to Arkansas, my mom who kept the 2 younger ones, a friend who attended the wedding with my mom so I could feed Drew, and my 2 besties Brittany and Jenny for making this possible! Also to MRCC for letting me use a couple of kitchens! We were thrilled to serve "quality food" as some guest called it and be a blessing to the Bride and her family on her special day! We may need to make some business cards cause as of right now I've got no catering events lined up, but if you know of someone send them our way! I promise to treat them right!

All that was leftover....can't be mad at that!

And thanks to this guy for making our cake cutting experience the best ever!

Best DJ ever!

Happy Birthday Maddie!!

Maddie turned 4 today....4! I can't believe it's been 4 years since we had our first baby girl (and it probably isn't enough time to have had 2 kids since right?!) I took her to Starbucks to get chocolate milk (she had to twist my arm) where she choose white milk this morning. Then we kept her party pretty low key and when we asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner she said the cupcake place! Well, Jeremy mentioned Texas Roadhouse in Stillwater and she was excited about that. My mom met us there with cupcakes from "the cupcake place" and her BFF Molly! I didn't tell her Molly was coming so it was pretty exciting when they saw each other! I try to get her and Molly together because I like her mom, there is a friend for Kellyn, and I wish I had a good girl friend growing up. I did here and there but I only talk to about 2 from college (1 being Molly's mom!) and 1 from after college. It may be a long shot that she and Molly stay good friends especially with us not living in the same town. But I hope we continue to cultivate a great friendship between them, since they call each other cousins and Molly and Emmy call my mom grandma I guess we are doing a good job! It was a great day and we topped it off with her "big bike" so now she pretty much isn't going to bed!

She of course wanted a Frozen birthday and they did pretty good considering everything Frozen is we are still in search of a Elsa Ice Princess Doll and of course the Elsa dress, but for now these dolls will do!

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was packed with fun stuff! Everyone came into town (Edmond) for Mama Jo's 79th Birthday and Mother's Day! So it was great to see everyone. Saturday we met Brittany and her girls for lunch at the Ice House and then played in The Secret Garden for a bit. I love that our kids have so much fun together, even if there isn't a friend for Cooper he loves hangin with Molly and Emmy!

Then we went to the Lauxman girls graduation party. I babysat them from the time they were babies til they didn't need a babysitter, I feel so old!

Saturday night we met up with the Fam at Gattitown for Jackson, Sam, and Uncle Steve's birthday! It was crazy loud so Drew wasn't a huge fan, but the other kiddos have fun!

Then Sunday we went to church and then had lunch at Mama Jo's, where we got a pic of all the great grands except the baby girl on the way for Jenny and Ross...let me tell ya I hope Jenny's dad got a good video of Julie finding out cause it was the best reaction ever! Look for the group pics in a later post cause I forgot to get them off my Dads camera!

But how cute did my girls look? Even if one doesn't look real happy!
The 2nd Sunday at Capitol Hill the ladies of the church usually cook dinner. In honor of Mother's Day we gave them a night off and my Dad and I served up dinner! (Trust me this is nothing compared to a post coming after my next gig on Sunday!)

The only way it could've been better is if the Thunder coulda won that game yesterday!
So it's the last week of school here in Newkirk so things are wrapping up for us to start a busy Summer!

Controlled Chaos

About a month ago Cooper got a note home from school about reading 25 books by May 2nd and then getting to go to the splash pad in Ponca City. We set out our plan to read 2 a night to get it done and he finished early. Cooper had no problem reading all his 25 books, he read a lot of them to his sisters! (I'm proud of him cause he has done all his word list through 1st grade and can read 500 words, he "won" his star reading test at a 2nd grade, 2nd month!) Anyways thanks to my super flexible job we were able to join him and 60 other k and prek kids at the splash pad today! It was a lot of kids, but a ton of fun!

I'm pretty sure I had a picture of Cooper, but I think it got deleted by his sister, on accident of course! It's a good start to the end of his Kindergarten year!

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