Jenks Aquarium

Cooper loves animals. I know you're thinking, every kid loves animals. He really loves them, he remembers them, likes to learn about them, and he loves to tell everyone about them. So, I thought it might be nice to get out for the day so we took the kids to Jenks Aquarium. We may have visited Starbucks, the Mall, and Target while in the Tulsa area as well....according to my husband Starbucks was my motive to go. (Cooper was the one that asked for the chocolate milk cow when we passed the store....and you can't say no to him!) I'd highly recommend the aquarium, it isn't that big, so you won't spend a ton of time there, and go this Fall then you can visit Utica Square and go here....
trust me, girls, you'll LOVE this store and want to go there all the time!

Back to the main reason of this post, here are some pictures of the trip to the aquarium where I'm glad we took the kids, and I'm really glad we hauled in that double stroller to carry the diaper bag, cause you know neither one of our kids sat in it the entire time!

Best Weekend!

I am in the longest stretch that I've been in Pittsburg. I know, it sounds worse then it is. Well, at church this summer we hired a preacher so a lot of different activities have been going on. This past Friday night they were having a Ladies Scrapbook night. I was planning to go, but Jeremy had told me that wasn't going to work out. He said there was a surprise. Well, he didn't get home from his Jr. High baseball game until 7:30, then about 8:30 our doorbell rang. Which is odd, no one comes over. Well, I opened the door to find my best friend from home standing there! It was a great surprise! I wasn't expecting to see her at all. She had called me on her lunch break, and I was telling her about how Jeremy had a surprise....blah blah blah,the whole time she knows what's going on. I haven't seen her since about the 2nd week of July, so I was so excited. We kept it pretty low key. A trip to Atoka for ice cream and then Saturday we went to McAlester to see Eat Pray Love. It was great to see her and just talk to her for a few days. She may not come back since her car battery died in McAlester at Walmart. Luckily a nice man helped us fix it all. I'm so blessed to have such a great friend. We met about 4 years ago or so when she was working at the bank I took all The Battery Company deposits too. Yes, Jenny and I met at a bank, decided we should hang out, and the rest is history. She practically lived with me while Jeremy was down here this time last year, even made trips with me to see his games and look at houses. Helped a lot with Cooper, she even helped me move everything into our Pod. So she's a lifesaver! Thanks for coming Jenny!!

3 months already?

I can't believe it's been 3 months already. Time has just flown by. I know she still looks so little, but really she has gotten bigger, or should I say longer/taller, whichever you like! So I made her a little tutu and took some pictures. Not such a bad turn out with a 2 year old climbing all over my back! Unfortunately I couldn't get her real good smile out, but you gotta get what you can!


Everything else can wait for times like this.

(at least I keep telling myself that)

Isn't she lovely?

Look who loves the Bumbo! I took about 50 or so pics of her in it Sunday while the boys were sleeping. She was just too cute!

And just cause this is a cute picture, she's smiling at my mom!

My favorite!

"Gather in the Ocean"

My favorite picture is this one of Papa Staff going out to join everyone in the ocean on our first day at the beach. The water was so warm, pretty much everyone got in. The first day at the beach is always the best!

SPI 2010

Well here is our story of our South Padre Island trip this year in pictures and captions!

Our beach model, the first day there was a lot of sea weed, but only on Sunday!
All current great-grandkids at the annual lighthouse tour. Jackson and Maddie weren't able to go up, but the rest of them enjoyed it. One more will be making an appearence in about 3 weeks!
Our family at the Lighthouse
Maddie fell asleep often at the beach, she's such a trooper! She loved falling asleep on Mama Jo!
The empty morning beach, no one but our fam out, in the afternoon it was a different story, which is why we are probably not going to be going to SPI next year. But there still will be a beach trip!
Cooper and Maddie. So the pic I should've posted was the one when he decided he was done holding her and he just let her go....such a loving brother! (He really is)
Maddie started showing us serious smiles at the beach, she likes the pool!
Our family the first day at the beach. This is how we look after driving all night long. Seriously, we left Denton at 10:30 p.m. after I photographed a wedding and arrived in Harlingen at 8:30 a.m. There were NO hotel rooms available from Austin to San Antonio, well except for 2 smoking rooms. I'd rather keep driving! Now I know what Mary and Joesph felt like.
I love this picture, it isn't the most amazing, but there is just something about it that I love! So overall with the exception of a fire alarm pulled at 4:30 and extensive all night partying the beach was great. Maddie was a great traveler, and I'm sure Cooper was too, but he rode with my parents there and back. Now it's back to regular routine, hot outside with no beach or pool in sight.

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