Latest catering adventure

The week before Spring Break a dear friend from college got married. I photographed her wedding, but on Friday my mom and I hosted a little bridal luncheon for her. It turned out great....I forgot to take a pic of the dessert! We made pots de cream from Pioneer Woman, they were amazing and so easy! We also served Strawberry Cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Here was the set up....

Table set up

(We used the pinwheels from Kellyns party)

Appetizer (I'm totally obsessed with these now)

The Main Course
Chicken Caesar Salad or Chicken Spinach Pasta Salad (most people choose both salads)

It was a lovely lunch followed by a beautiful simple wedding the next day. If I could just find some free time to edit her pics I'm sure she'd be happy!

Mystery Trip

My parents were very generous to us this Spring Break and took us all on a mystery trip. We went down to San Antonio and spent 2 days at Sea World! Which was actually perfect because the first day we could see all the shows and the second day we let the kids decide what they wanted to go back to do. Here is just a very small sampling of the pictures we have. We did get to eat lunch right by the Orca's, and that was super fun. It was a behind the scenes thing, but you got to learn about the whales training and they showed you some other things. So it was a great trip. We were supposed to return to Newkirk today, but seeing how they are shutting power off tomorrow for 5 hours, we may have to stay at Grandma's another day.....I'm sure my kids are so disappointed about that!

No more torture.....

I took Kellyn's last "sticker pictures" today. A day after her birthday, and I'm pretty sure she's glad to be done doing this. I should've taken one good shot of Maddie trying to help me. She gets everything ready, the headband, the blanket, opens the curtain, and then tries to help keep Kellyn still. A video is more appropriate cause they both just laugh the whole time. Selfishly, I guess I'll get to remember those moments to myself. So here are a few of the final round. I do love how her 12 month frame came out, she really hasn't changed at all, just gotten a little bigger, or maybe she's stayed the same since she was about 7 months.....

Okay, and this can end the Kellyn week on the blog, we've got a special little surprise trip coming up next week thanks to my parents who are awesome! So they'll be many things to blog about then!

Kellyn's 1st Birthday.....Party

Well Kellyn isn't actually 1 until Wednesday, but this weekend was the best time to celebrate it. I did a Pinwheels and Pearls party, and I'll pretty much just let all the pictures below do the talking. Yes, if you're wondering I made all the pinwheels (probably could've had more but it was a "low key" there such thing for me?) the garland, the snacks, and thanks to my mom for Kellyn's super cute shirt. It was perfect, we are so blessed to have such great family and friends who could make it to celebrate! If nothing else I got a good family pictures and a great pic of all 3 kids, which rarely happens, so I'm even more excited about it! The first pics are a few from her 1 year shoot, the top 2 are taken on Kellyn's great-great-great-grandma's sofa bench that's in Mama Jo's room, it was perfect for the theme. The last one was taken at the Newkirk Country Club....which is a sand-greens golf and fishing club, so I'll use that term loosely!


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