This weekend was the last tourney weekend before playoffs start! After a sluggish start the boys came back and put it together to win 5th place a/k/a consolation champs! But 2 wins in a row for these boys is a BIG DEAL! I am so proud of them, they've still got a long road to make a serious play off run, but if they keep playing like they have been, it'll come together. I also want to say I'm so very proud of the hubs. He's changed up his coaching style to fit these boys, or what he hoped would fit them better. I know it was hard for him, but since he's done this they are 3-3.....so maybe it's working for them. Since they had a 2:00 game on Saturday with a 10:15 am shoot around we had pancakes at 9:15 am. I made a lot of pancakes.....over 2 boxes worth, with a spread of nutella, peanut butter, syrup, blackberry butter, butter, and the biggest hit strawberry butter. I highly recommend that on toast or pancakes, it is lovely! There you have YHOP....Young House of Pancakes!

Standing Date....

This past weekend I had my standing musical date with my fam and the lucky one that gets to tag along with me! Since I'd seen Jekell and Hyde in Vienna I bought one of my fellow Vienna-ers along with me! It was so nice for us to get to catch up.
Since we are coming into the home stretch for basketball season the kids and I stayed until Sunday afternoon. Saturday we went to the zoo.....have you seen the Baby Elephant? Who isn't really a baby anymore but still so cute!

It's not a great pic, but go watch the little show, you'll love it!

They all did! So after the zoo we just hung out a while and Kellyn rode the duck I had when I was little....

She's dying to be big....but I want her to stay little for a long long time!

At least she cant open the back door yet! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Welcome Home......

This past Saturday we had a Welcome Home Party for my cousin's husband who has been fighting in the war. He flies black hawk helicopters,  mostly flies important people around. Still he has been in Afghanistan for 13 months, and while he was gone they were blessed to adopt a baby boy! So that's a lot to deal with, being away, serving our country, becoming a dad, all a lot to take in. I'll admit this was my mom's idea, and while I was going to come for it, I wasn't completely on board. I wasn't against it, but just kinda didn't realize how important it was to do this. I don't think anyone realized until my Dad "interviewed" him and what he said really touched me. I hope if you know someone fighting for our country you'll take time to contact them, say "hi" on facebook, but most of all welcome them home the best you can. They are giving up so much for us, agree with the war or not! Here are a few pics from the event!

Cooper and his "helper" handing out flags to the guest

Welcome home bandannas

My cookie skills I'm still trying to develop, but they turned out good!

Welcoming them to the party, Ryan came back in the US to Hawaii where they are currently stationed. Hopefully he will now have an instructor roll in Altus or Alabama.

Representative Randy Grau came with a proclamation. Little did we know, Ryan would someday like to be in the House of Reps or Senate in OK.

Overall it was a great time with their families and friends, or extended families.

New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve at the OSU vs Gonzaga game in Stillwater with several of the boys from the basketball team. We had great seats and got to see a great game! This was Kellyn's first big game. This was the only pic I got to document it....

Then we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and I was in bed by midnight after celebrating NYE with the kids by watching the ball drop in NYC and drinking chocolate shakes!

Santa Pic

We saw Santa, this is the pic, yes this is late.....but I needed to document it for my 2012 book....

Four Christmases

I have finally downloaded the loads of pictures I took from our Four Christmases......we are totally worn out! Our kids had a blast, they are so spoiled, but loved!

So we had our first Christmas, on Christmas Eve at Jeremy's brother's house in Denton, then made it back to Edmond for our 2nd Christmas at Mama Jo's (also known as my Mom's birthday). Christmas morning at my parents house, then a little break til we got to see what Santa left at our house while we were gone on Friday! We had to stay in Edmond til Friday because Jeremy and Cooper went to the Mavs/Thunder game, which was an exciting one! So yes, a lot of Christmas, a lot of family, but it was great!

You'll notice Maddie had a very Disney Princess Christmas, Cooper got some trains, a crane, legos, a vet clinic (to name a few things), and Kellyn got a laugh and play vanity, some Little People Disney Princesses coaches, and some stuff to chew on. Jeremy got money for golf clubs, which should be delivered to our house tomorrow, Mavs tickets, golf stuff, and a trip to Duke to go to Coach K's coaching clinic in the Fall. I got money to make more blog books from Blurb (just do it, you'll be hooked), and a camera, which I had already had, but it took some lovely pictures of Christmas for us! We hope all of you had a great Christmas too!

Cooper in December

Cooper had a busy December.....Christmas concert, school Christmas party, and his last YMCA basketball game. We enjoyed watching him play basketball and Jeremy enjoyed coaching, but we are glad to have a break! It might have been a little much with the basketball season going on at Newkirk. Next year we plan to get a team from Newkirk so we can practice in Newkirk, which will make it a lot easier.

His little music concert was so cute. Jeremy had already missed a lot of his last hour of school because of basketball games, so it was just me and the girls. I was trying to video and take pictures at the same time. We watched the video and it was a little shakey, but it turned out good. It looked like he had fun!

He wasn't feeling so hot at his Christmas party, so I took him home a little early, but below are a few pics, just to document it.

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