Fall Break

We decided we'd take a little family trip up to Kansas City for Fall Break! We did a little something for everyone and had a great time! This is our second trip up there and the kids have loved it both times!

We started Friday at the Oak Park Mall where we visited The American Girl Store!

The little doll salon had both Bitty Babies looking nice and clean!

We checked into our hotel and let the kids swim before venturing out to dinner. We stayed at the Embassy Suites Plaza, which was a great hotel and even better pool. It has a large 3 foot pool, a deeper pool on the lower level and a nice large whirlpool! Bonus is it's close to lots of restaurants and shopping!

The next day we visited Lego Land Discovery Center, which was fun! I think Cooper enjoyed it!

Right next door we walked through Sea Life Acquairium, which I purchased with our Lego tickets. It was a small nice Acquairium!

To cap the day off we made it just in time to enjoy a few minutes of this Kaleidoscope kids activity at Hallmark. It's such a neat place for kids to just create things out of paper! I made a puzzle for Drew and for Kellyn who was asleep!
Best of all it's free!

So overall it was a great day of some good family time!

Sunday we visited Ikea and the Legends Outlet Center before heading back!

Then they were spent!

I'm glad we got some good family time in before the craziness of the holidays and basketball season! It was nice since the kids last day of fall break was Monday we had a day at home!

Recovery time....

Last week I might have been a little busy.... Yeah I know you're thinking and that's different from any other of my weeks how? Well Monday Kellyn, Drew, and I made a trip to Edmond for women's day lectureship at MRCC. My mom was on a panel so I wanted to support her. All of the women were great speakers and then I stayed for She Speaks....if you do one thing a year at OC, it should be She Speaks. The speaker was Nika Maples and she was fantastic, everything about the event was wonderful!

She gave everyone her book Twelve Clean Pages, I read it, you should too if you haven't!
The. I decided if I was going to be in Edmond on Monday I might as well pick up all the food for the Fall Carnival at Sam's. So I did, and we had the fall carnival, how is it already October? The carnival went well, we raised about $2500, so I guess that's decent for Newkirk.

Unfortunately Maddie woke up sick and missed school on Friday....but I thought she was better for Ballet on Saturday....she proved me wrong when we forgot her belt and she had a melt down. We left. Then we had plans with our Newkirk Family to go to UCO's football game to watch Connor play. He scored, twice, in overtime! So that was super exciting! These pics are of us at Connor's last home game we went to.

I love it when he holds my babies cause Connor makes them look so small!

We headed out right after the game to get dinner ready. We all had tacos after the game over at my parents house. It was such a fun night with everyone!

So another busy week/weekend in the books! The kids are in school tomorrow and they've got Friday/Monday off for Fall Break. So we are doing a little family get away with some surprises for the kids! I'm so pumped!

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we went to the Peace, Love, and Goodwill Festival at the Myriad Gardens. It was a nice little festival and I wish I could've stayed to hear Tony Lucca play that night. This kids had so much fun at the children's tent, but unfortunately Anna and Elsa were running late so se missed them!

Oh and the Ballet cast for Sleeping Beauty was posted at ballet! Maddie is a bluebird (her entire class is!)

Saturday night we were due back in Newkirk for dinner with our new friends....the girls loved riding in the Barbie Jeep!

Luckily Elsa made a visit to Octoberfest in Ponca City..... So Maddie wasn't too upset about missing her Saturday!

Overall a great and busy weekend!

What's missing?

What's missing from this picture??

If you guessed diaper, you're right! Kellyn potty trained herself....yep you read that right, all by herself! Hopefully I'm not jinxing this amazing development by blogging about it!

"I did it!"

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