That's what Cooper said after we finally got his birthday present up!

Yes we did cut his hair, and his grandma is not happy with us.

Open gym

Jeremy decided it was time Cooper spent some time in the gym! Sorry the pics are blurry.

This is real

We haven't forgot she is coming just a little slow in getting her room up! But this is a start!

Meet Maddie!

After a little trying start with our cars we finally made it to sneak a peak at Maddie, who is still a girl! She's probably going to look a lot like her brother. She already has some hair too!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Since both of my parents read my blog, Cooper and I owe them a huge thank you! My mom wanted me to have fun while Jeremy was out of town. She bought me this huge beach scented bath set that is amazing, they took me to eat a great places, and I didn't have to do anything. Oh, and they spoiled Cooper and watched him while I went to a movie with my friends one night, and when I went to dinner with them on another night. Just what I needed, a little break! So thanks for a great Spring Break! Oh and my brother, cleaned up what happened to be a huge unplanned mess from me at about 2 am, so thanks to him too...oh the joys of growing a baby!

Also, since we got home Cooper is refusing to sleep in his crib. We had originally decided that we would buy another crib, since Cooper wasn't climbing out of his. Makes our life easier. Well, that was all short lived when his gate broke, and now it doesn't go up all the way. (No worries, the pieces to fix it have arrived) We also decided it would be nice to have a full size bed up mostly for my mom, if she came to stay with us while we lived in this house. So we decided in May, we'd switch the bed in what will be Maddie's room, to Cooper's room. All good in theory, until Friday night when Cooper had a break down went into the room, and said "dis bed." So he's sleeping soundly through the night in a full size bed, way earlier then ever my original plan, but I guess the transisition is going to be easy. Now we should just change it to his room. But it was a lazy weekend and we all did nothing, haven't left the house since Friday, and just watched basketball, slept, and ate! Oh the good life!

Children's Zoo

Cooper and I both had doctor's appointments on Thursday, so we're hanging out here until Wednesday. I know, didn't we move? We did, we don't hate it, but Dad is on a cruise (that cruise that I was supposed to be on), so in order to have some adult interaction I thought I'd be doing myself a favor to stay around for a few days. But we'll be back home to welcome Dad home, and I won't hold a grudge about it anymore!

Saturday we took Cooper to the Children's Zoo at the OKC Zoo. I'll be honest I thought it would be more interactive, and don't get me wrong, Cooper loved it. But the petable animals were pinned up, so it was harder to pet them, but maybe that had to do with the crowds. Here are a few pics from the day. I didn't take to many, I should have, but I was doing good to just keep up!

should've used a flash....

but who would want to wake the cutest thing ever up?!?

29 weeks

Just so I can show Maddie someday that I did actually carry her for 9 she is at 29 weeks!

Basically, I'm huge and uncomfortable, and I know it's only going to get worse before it gets better. But you bet I (we) already love her so much!


I have to make a decision. The water in Pittsburg isn't exactly the best thing. It is clean and ours looks better then several others (so I'm told). But the taste is not good. So here are our decisions about water. We don't drink soda/pop/coke, whatever you call it, so water is a staple in our house. (With the occassional 7up, Sprite, or Gingerale for me while little Maddie is growing).

Option #1:Gallon of drinking water

These taste just fine, however, I would probably have to buy 3-4 a week to supply us with water. They aren't expensive, just a pain to buy because they may not be the heaviest grocery, but they aren't the lightest either!

Option #2: a Brita Water Pitcher

I have never used one of these, so this one, I'm curious, does it make your water taste better? Anyone know. What I like about this is I won't feel like I'm paying for water. Well, technically I am paying for water regardless, but at least I won't feel like I'm having to buy it at the store, when I am supplied with running water.

Option #3: 5 gallon jugs delivered to the house

A nice man, who happens to be the mayor of Pittsburg, stopped by to tell us that we could rent one of these coolers for $9 a month, and I guess he brings jugs every month, however many you would like. These are 5 gallon jugs, which we estimate needing 3-4 a month. This is nice because I don't have to do much, just set my empty ones out, it's like getting milk old school!

So what would you do, I'm welcoming suggestions!

Yes, we have internet....

So this guy is my new best friend:

My dad bought this when we went to North Carolina so we could have wi-fi in the car. Since my options for internet here in Pittsburg are very limited, we thought maybe this would work. Since he's bound to a long term agreement, someone might as well use it. It's not super slow, and we think it is faster then dial up, it works for us. AKA, I can still work from home, blog, read other people's blogs, have some sort of connection to the real world.

In other moving news, you've got to be kidding yourself if you think that I'm about to say we're all moved in and settled and everything is put away. Laughable. Basically since we came home from church on Sunday, Cooper and I have stayed in our PJs, he's playing with all his long lost toys (which are everywhere) and I'm unpacking boxes while working a bit. It is definitely a change of pace, if the weather warms up I thought Cooper and I might make a trip to the "Country Store". Which, we found out now does take credit/debit cards, so see they're making improvements!

We also visited our first "new" church on Sunday. We choose a place where we already knew a couple. Cooper did great in class, I however, dropped him off and broke down in tears for the first (and the current only time) time since we moved. Not saying anything bad about that church family, everyone was so welcoming and very sweet. Apparently someone at MRCC had already told the preacher about us, so he knew exactly who we were. I had to sit with Cooper during the Bible Hour, yes they have old school Bible Hour, for kids 2-6, just like old times at MRCC. The family/youth minister was very nice so we got to chat during that time and he told me a little bit more about the church and other kids programs. We liked it, but Jeremy wants to visit a few other places before we make a final decision. Anyways, maybe by next week I'll be able to say we're all settled in. Tomorrow we're headed back to OKC for the State Tournament for Class B, and bringing some of the boys with us. So, it should be fun times!

Cooper is 2!

I can not believe Cooper is already 2! Time just flies! We managed to squeeze in a little party before we moved on Friday night. He was very much into opening his presents, and his balloons. Basically everyone should have just bought him a ballon. He wouldn't blow out his candle, but as I was looking for a good picture of the 3 of us, he was blowing at the screen. Go figure. Thomas was the theme, he's addicited to Thomas the Train.

Shaking the balloons

Opening his presents

Playing with his new Lego Thomas

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper!

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