Yes, we have internet....

So this guy is my new best friend:

My dad bought this when we went to North Carolina so we could have wi-fi in the car. Since my options for internet here in Pittsburg are very limited, we thought maybe this would work. Since he's bound to a long term agreement, someone might as well use it. It's not super slow, and we think it is faster then dial up, it works for us. AKA, I can still work from home, blog, read other people's blogs, have some sort of connection to the real world.

In other moving news, you've got to be kidding yourself if you think that I'm about to say we're all moved in and settled and everything is put away. Laughable. Basically since we came home from church on Sunday, Cooper and I have stayed in our PJs, he's playing with all his long lost toys (which are everywhere) and I'm unpacking boxes while working a bit. It is definitely a change of pace, if the weather warms up I thought Cooper and I might make a trip to the "Country Store". Which, we found out now does take credit/debit cards, so see they're making improvements!

We also visited our first "new" church on Sunday. We choose a place where we already knew a couple. Cooper did great in class, I however, dropped him off and broke down in tears for the first (and the current only time) time since we moved. Not saying anything bad about that church family, everyone was so welcoming and very sweet. Apparently someone at MRCC had already told the preacher about us, so he knew exactly who we were. I had to sit with Cooper during the Bible Hour, yes they have old school Bible Hour, for kids 2-6, just like old times at MRCC. The family/youth minister was very nice so we got to chat during that time and he told me a little bit more about the church and other kids programs. We liked it, but Jeremy wants to visit a few other places before we make a final decision. Anyways, maybe by next week I'll be able to say we're all settled in. Tomorrow we're headed back to OKC for the State Tournament for Class B, and bringing some of the boys with us. So, it should be fun times!

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Michelle said...

It's good to hear you are getting settled. we moved to a very small town for a coaching job many years ago, and I actually miss a lot of things about it.

That's good to attend a few churches before deciding. We just assumed we had to go to the one "in town", then we ended up attending one about 20 miles away that we loved! It was very hard to leave the one we started at, they made several visits to our home to inquire why. It didn't help that they had already given us a baby shower...

Many blessings to you guys! Oh, David's team is playing in the morning in the "church league championship", maybe they will win AGAIN!


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