I have to make a decision. The water in Pittsburg isn't exactly the best thing. It is clean and ours looks better then several others (so I'm told). But the taste is not good. So here are our decisions about water. We don't drink soda/pop/coke, whatever you call it, so water is a staple in our house. (With the occassional 7up, Sprite, or Gingerale for me while little Maddie is growing).

Option #1:Gallon of drinking water

These taste just fine, however, I would probably have to buy 3-4 a week to supply us with water. They aren't expensive, just a pain to buy because they may not be the heaviest grocery, but they aren't the lightest either!

Option #2: a Brita Water Pitcher

I have never used one of these, so this one, I'm curious, does it make your water taste better? Anyone know. What I like about this is I won't feel like I'm paying for water. Well, technically I am paying for water regardless, but at least I won't feel like I'm having to buy it at the store, when I am supplied with running water.

Option #3: 5 gallon jugs delivered to the house

A nice man, who happens to be the mayor of Pittsburg, stopped by to tell us that we could rent one of these coolers for $9 a month, and I guess he brings jugs every month, however many you would like. These are 5 gallon jugs, which we estimate needing 3-4 a month. This is nice because I don't have to do much, just set my empty ones out, it's like getting milk old school!

So what would you do, I'm welcoming suggestions!


Ryan and Katie said...

We have a Brita pitcher but you have to refill it a lot. I don't mind the taste of tap water though so we don't use it that much. What about one of the filters that you put directly on the kitchen sink spout? I've heard those are great but never had one.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I told your Mom last week that Pitts sounds a lot like Tipton (Dan's hometown). They also have a water problem and Dan's parents finally went to the coolers a few years ago. The bottles are a pain to buy. I've done the Brita, but just got tired of refilling it and buying the filters. If you've got the room, I would go with the coolers and hope Cooper doesn't mess with it!

ComplyKated said...

With the 5 gallon cooler you'll have to refill it the 3 to 4 times a month that it needs changing though right? I'm just picturing all those funny commericals I've seen (okay maybe two, but they stuck with me) where the guy spills the water while trying to refill it.

Doesn't Brita (or someone) make an on-tap purifier? That way you wouldn't have to remember to fill the one in the fridge and wouldn't have to have it delivered.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the Brita water filter does help (at least for MY water) with the taste. Ours tastes terrible straight out of the tap and I use a Brita filter (the big one with the nozzle) and let it get cold and it tastes just like bottled water. In my opinion that would be your best option!

The Lj's said...

We have an Ozarka water dispenser- Edmond water is not our favorite even with a PUR on the tap and Brita in the fridge... ours is not cooled and can just sit on the counter or on the wooden stand they provided. Rent for the dispenser is $2.95 a month. We get water delivered twice a month and we always have enough delivered to have one in the dispenser then two additional. Figuring out how many you need is pretty simple after the first delivery or two... Good luck!

vivian said...

ANYTHING delivered to me is my favorite. :)

amy nickerson said...

I love my Brita! I really do think it makes water taste better...almost sweet! But I don't drink pop either, so perhaps that's why. We have an Ozarka at my office and while I will say it's convenient, I've been stuck having to change it before when no one else (aka no strong men) were around to help me. It was disasterous! I almost spilled the whole thing on me! If you ever watch 30 Rock, it was like a Liz Lemon moment!

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