Well December is here, and everything has been in full swing until tonight!!
We hosted another successful spaghetti dinner, and basketball started up. Kirk, our elf arrived...

(This one was done by one of my children!)
Drew is doing awesome at games! The boys won 2nd Place at Frontier. One of Jeremy's starters had a small surgery, which was disappointing, but he'll be back after break!

I took Santa pics at school again; Kellyn was terrified and she got to spend the morning in Pre-K, and Cooper was my only child to sit in his lap.

Interestingly enough, Santa is our song leader at church, I almost had him show Kellyn who he was, but decided against it!
Kellyn has been taking some pics....

We went to our sweet friends Church play!

I got to see this guy again in an epic girls night!

We attempted to take pics of the kids

And today we marked off Christmas parties for school! Cooper attempted to sign me up to do his entire party....he is my son, but I made him choose 1 thing, he chose goody bags!

In addition to the playdough, I did a personalized ornament, bell necklace, pencil, and candy!
I had signed up to bring snacks for Maddie's class and her teachers thought making their own sugar cookies was great! I think the kids had a good time! So that in addition to grinch kabobs and a modified Santa belt snack!

My mom was here to take the 3 older kids back home with her, so This kid is now the Lone Ranger!

And we plan to sleep.....a lot!


We had a busy Thanksgiving this year. The kids and I went to Edmond the weekend before. Since my mom was out of town I had some sleepovers with a couple of friends! It was fun! We also cleaned out and organized my moms art room as a surprise, she was excited! We made a quick trip to Texas and survived a little stomach bug, then came back to Newkirk in time to cook for the spaghetti dinner to kick off basketball season! So as you know now our life is basketball!!

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