my baby

is not a baby anymore, he just looks like such a little boy now. Happy 18 Months Cooper, you're growing up too fast....stop really.....

Just my luck...

Cooper loves to play hide and seek, mostly that consist of him covering his face, moving his hands over and saying "Boo!" Well, last week he started hiding behind our bedroom curtains and running out of them. He thinks this is so funny. So about 3:30 today, I was starting to clean and get ready for our showing at 6:30, and I heard a rip, and saw this:

Awesome! Needless we made a quick trip to Lowes to hopefully find the same curtain and replace it before our showing. Of course they didn't have the same one, so I bought 2 cheap shear green ones. If I'm going to have to leave them here when I move (..if I move..), you better believe I'm not spending a lot of cash on curtains! My biggest question is: How does one manage to rip a curtain from the middle? Or maybe it should be: Who is giving this kid muscle enhancements?

A letter to Starbucks....

Dear 7:29 barista at the Bryant and Memorial Starbucks:

This is not a complaint, just an observation. I will always favor and enjoy Starbucks coffee more then any other. My days with you are very limited, so when I wait in line to get my once a week grande non-fat Caramel Macchiato, please fill me up. I believe that while I may have paid for a grande, I think I got a tall in a grande cup. I learned my lesson: always take your treat receipt.

*a note to my readers: when you get your cup from the drive-thru, if it feels light you may want to open your lid and check it out, like I did....unfortunately for me I was already at work.

A favor....

go to

search for: Rachael Ray recipes

Who comes up first? Before Rachael Ray's own website?

That's right, my Dad is a ROCKSTAR!!
Just thought everyone should know that!

Oh and you should go here and check out Abby and Drew's Senior pictures! I love those kids, they are the best!

Math Problem of the day:

(insert Cooper and I instead of the random people)

Dad not mowing

*if you don't believe me then just find the people that walked by me this morning, and may have given me a "what the heck are you thinking" look! (Or maybe it was a "that's one strong and great wife and mama look) As Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!"

week 1...

For those that are wondering, I completed week 1 of P90X. Let me just say, I would not, repeat, would not have said what I am about to say about this program after day 3. I LOVE THIS WORKOUT. The first 3 days and the first part of the yoga is killer. You will be sore, you will be tired, but after you finish that yoga, you'll be better. I do not do pull ups, I need to rig some bands up or something, I just lift weights over my head, which I am sure isn't the same thing, but I'm still working out, and I could care less how buff my back gets, I can still feel it. I'm still struggling with the Ab Ripper X, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely getting a little better at it. It will take some time. I love the Kempo X, it's great. After 6 days of working out I'll say I feel great, I'm no longer sore, and I feel like I have more energy then I did when I ran. So if you're contemplating getting this, I would highly recommend it. It's even motivating me to try to eat better. For example, I had yogurt and granola for lunch today, but don't you worry I canceled that out with some yummy banana cupcakes!

It was the Thunder

that was responsible for this, luckily it barely missed Cooper. He was sitting close to the basket. Now, this will force me to go buy a new globe before our showing today. Yeah we have a showing, boo I have to buy a 2nd globe for this fixture. I dropped the globe once before when I was changing the light. You win some, you loose some!


On Monday I volunteered to help with a luncheon happening at church today. That's not the mistake. I'm happy to do it, and as always I'm trying to fill my time with stuff I should do around here, so I feel like maybe I'm making a difference or helping someone in my last days in "the city". Which I guess are numbered, wish I knew what that number was....oh sorry, off track. Well, the nice lady in charge of the luncheon said, oh can you make a pie. I said sure I can. Well, I don't make many pies,so I decided I bet Pioneer Woman has a good pie recipe. As much as I love Rachael Ray, she's not a pie maker! So I made this pie. I decided I would make 2, at the same time, so I could make sure the pie was edible. Well, I didn't have time to taste the pie before I dropped it off. The nice lady said it looked delicious, and it did; I nicely told her that I hoped it was good because I had never made it before. I'm sure that's comforting. Well, after I got worked by P90X arms, shoulders, and really worked by Ab Ripper X, I thought I deserve a piece of this pie. Let's just say, after you make this you won't be buying any apple pie filling or frozen apple pies ever, EVER again. That was my mistake, I made 2 of these, and while I gave 1 away, you're going to have to fight me for some of my leftover pie, cause I just might eat the whole entire thing....just look at it, wouldn't you?

Plus I even had planned to bring it to work, and share, but I just couldn't do it, it was too good. Just fyi, I used a frozen crust and no nuts on top!

Probably should have....

So after months of not caving in, I decided to buy P90X. Jeremy has wanted to try this for a while, and while I hear stories of this being amazing and transforming your body, I wasn't a believer. I thought my running is free, but let's be honest, I've been "running" for a while, and I think I've hit my plateau, so I needed something new. My cousin is doing this, and I think she is looking great, so I bought this on Ebay. I'm 2 days in, I don't think I've ever been this sore in my life. The sad part is I don't even to the complete work out, just what I can do. I have to do modified pushups and pullups, but honestly, sore has never felt this good. So I took a before picture, which if I look anything like I hope to when this is done I'll post with an after picture. So, if you're wondering what I do with all my free time I have right now,you know since Jeremy isn't here during the week, besides, working, cooking and blogging everyday, and being a mom to Cooper....after he goes to bed, it's all about the P90X. Although, today I did it and he played in his room, and would come in and look at me...his face said....ummm Mom seriously? What are you doing, that guy on tv is nuts." My brother said I should start another blog, about doing P90X. Yeah, that's not happening. But this blog will be changing when we move (if we ever get to move), it'll be bigger and better, so have no fear, I'll still be here!

New Teething Toy

The other night we had corn at dinner, and I cut Cooper's corn off the cob. So he would be able to eat it. What I forgot is this kid has a mouth full of teeth, and since he still says no words, he kept pointing at my cob, so this is what happened.

I think it felt good on his teeth coming in, cause he's got a few more coming.

last beach post

Well I narrowed down my hundreds of pictures from the beach to these in the slide show....he was just too cute this year!

More Beach...

Someone out there requested more pics, here are a few. I've really got way more then I can possibly choose from, but these are my current favs!

even David and Leslie joined us yesterday!

Don't worry there is more where that came from. Also, be praying for us as we transistion to Southeast Oklahoma. Jeremy made it there safely today and will be staying at a church not to far from the school until Cooper and I can join him. We need to sell or rent our house asap, so if you know anyone, send them our way!

He owns this beach

and lastly, how sweet are these 2 dads?

We're off

Hopefully Cooper won't have to write this again to another hurricane. Here's hoping he's outgrown this too....

I don't think little boys outgrow eating dirt for years, and I'm pretty sure we'll be lucky if we can get him to sit still for 1 picture on the beach!

We'll be back and hopefully while we're gone things with our house will be settled and I can find us a place to live in the country!

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