7 months

Well here are 29 and 30 weeks combined since we took a brief break to brag on Cousin Levi. This week we had to rearrange our furniture in our living room and keep things cleaned up, why you might ask....well as I've said before Cooper has been tempting us for a while with his mad crawling skills. On Wednesday I went to Stillwater for work (and got to have lunch with my first child Colby!) and my mom called and said Cooper was crawling everywhere. He's not completely stable, but everyday he gets better. I find him a lot in the bathroom "talking". We have to lock the rocking chair and put up the ottomon becase Cooper likes to think he can stand up with those. That's just a disaster waiting to happen. He tries to pull up on just about everything, so we'll see how long this crawling thing last. He also likes to pull up the corner of the rug in the living room, I was wondering if the wood floors would bother him when he started crawling, the answer is, not at all. He's not to adventureous yet, mostly he'll stay in whatever room you put him in, except he goes from his room to the bathroom, which could easily be solved by me closing the bathroom door. So that's pretty big news at our house. He's also getting a tooth, his front tooth is coming in, he won't show it to you, everytime I try to look at it he sticks his tong tongue out, so I'll try to get a picture of it, but don't count on it. He are some pics from the past couple of weeks.

Crazy Weekend

On Wednesday when my Mom mentioned she and my Dad were thinking about driving to Arkansas after church at Capital Hill on Thursday and surprising Jeni, for some crazy reason I thought, maybe that's not such a bad idea. So Thursday around 8, (at night) we packed up and headed to Arkansas, my Dad, Mom, Cooper and I. We arrived at the Monan's at 1 am....this really wasn't such a bad idea because Cooper slept all 5 hours, so it was a good trip for him. We surprised Jeni at the hospital when she arrived, and we all got to hang out a while, like 2 hours before they took her in for surgery. As you can see below, those crawling skills Cooper has been working on, really went well, I think he crawled faster to Lydia then he's ever attempted to crawl to me, the best was when she got down and put her hands out, it was so cute. Well, since Jeni has introduced Levi to the blogging world here are a few of the hundred pictures or so I took for them that day, my favorite one is Necon walking out of the operating room with him, I think it's so sweet. Okay, so that doesn't sound so crazy, I know that's what you're thinking. Let me know if you think the rest of the story is crazy, we left Arkansas at 10:30 am...Friday morning to head back to OKC so I could make it to Gutrhie to film Candace Spencer's Wedding...so I went straight from my parents car, booked it to Guthrie and made it there by about 4:45 pm. I filmed the wedding and Jeremy and I left around 9:45 pm, Saturday I had two photoshots, then Sunday taught class, and Jeremy and I spend the whole evening after church putting together a new tv stand for our new tv. We decided to purchase a new one, after the one we bought when we were married kept turning off, this is after having it fixed a few months ago. It is very tramatic when the tv can't stay on during Baby Einstein at our house, not to mention when it turns off while trying to play the WII, that gets frustrating. Well here are some pics from our trip to AR, I have some others of Cooper that I'll post later....have a great Monday! And for those that are wondering, Levi was 7.5 lbs, and 21 inches long....he'll probably be tall like his daddy with his 3.5 inch long feet, yes we had the nurse measure his feet, they might have been longer then Coopers.

cool cuz

Levi is here! Everyone is doing great! Yeah! More pics to come.


6. Obviuosly I don't follow direction well....it was supposed to be 6 random things about me, for some reason I thought it was 5, maybe my eyesight is going, that's what happens when you read old documents all day.

Tag, I'm it

Well I got tagged by Ginny, I have never been tagged before and I'm not that interesting so here goes for 5 things about me:

1. If Jeremy would let me, I'd move us all to New York City, I love that place.

2. I am left handed, and so is Jeremy, so we're guessing Coop will be a lefty too!

3. I love fried Okra, it is probably my favorite food, but I don't eat it very much

4. I am currently addicted to Teeny Bopper shows, I can't help it, I know they're stupid.

5. I still love NSYNC and frequently listen to their old cds, I am so hoping for a reunion at some point.

Well, there you have it....

Cox vs. AT&T

Wanted: Fellow bloggers and blog stalkers that might use AT&T over cox cable and internet. I am trying to convince Jeremy that switching to AT&T will be better, he's worried about outages, and I'm excited about the money we'll save by switching, and the extra perks like a 2nd DVR for myself! Please comment if you use AT&T, if you like it, or don't like it!


28 weeks

Unfortunately I have posted I think the only picture that I took last week already, so I'll try to take a lot of pics this week for those that live far away and need to see Cooper. Cooper continues to get closer and closer to crawling, he'll be taking off before we know it. We discovered last night that we will be lowering his crib mattress tonight. He was so tired last night when we put him down to sleep. Well about an hour later he starts crying, and it keep getting louder and wasn't being muffled by anything. So I go in the hall to check on him; if I wouldn't have been so scared that he was going to flip out of his crib I would've grabed my camera and took a picture of my poor baby standing up, screaming in his crib. I'm afraid crawling is out and standing for Cooper is in. I know, I hear it all the time, make sure he crawls before he walks....but seriously, is it possible to control this? Needless to say I ran over and picked him up to rock him back to sleep. Only for the same thing to happen an hour later, I'm a horrible parent and he slept with us for the rest of the night. I'll fee better about him crying it out when his crib is lowered, something I was much to lazy do to last night.
FYI WII FIT UPDATE: So far I have done the WII fit enough to unlock a few exercies. The exercises aren't that hard yet, and I enjoy the Yoga posses because it stretches you out. However if you buy this beware, it will insult you. I just love how the little MII plumps up when it does your weight, maybe that is motivation? That's all I'll say about the insulting. I do like how its going to keep track of my progress, but I wish it would allow you to imput exercies that you do on your own, for instance the 4.5 miles I'll run after work. I'll keep those updated that are interested, so far it rates a C, mostly because I'm upset at the insults.

The Rain needs to Stop

Today I am supposed to run 7 miles, well after "working out" last night at a bachelorette party, yes we went to an aerobics class from 10-12 and I was the oldest one there by about 3 years...I'm pretty sore. Jeremy is paint balling today and then has dinner plans with the groom of the same wedding, so after we all went to the grocery store, Cooper and I took a nap. I'm teaching the 3 year olds so after our nap we went to church to set up the class for the morning. We were all ready to go on our run, and as we started the rain started. Now I realize when the half marathon comes a long and if it is raining, we will run anyway, just probably not a good idea to run in the rain with a 6 1/2 month old...I need one of those plastic covers. However, I shall not go without working out, Jeremy got me this for my birthday:

No this is not a "hint" from him, but I wanted this, then I didn't want it because I thought it was too much, for the game, and we didn't have a WII. Well, my grandparents gave me money to get a WII, and let me say, we're not really game people, but I'm pretty sure this is about to take over. If you haven't ever played a WII come over and give it a try. Or rather don't, cause I promise, it'll make you want one. The only reason I am not opposed to this game system is you have to move to play anything, try bowling or playing tennis, while holding your baby, now that's a workout! Well today I'm trying out the WII fit, probably best while Cooper takes a nap, I'll report back how effective it is.


not weeks...years. Yesterday was my 27th birthday and Cooper has now as of today slept enirely through the night 2 nights in a row...if that isn't the best birthday present ever, I don't know what is! (Not to say I didn't get some amazing gifts yesterday) We celebrated by having dinner at the Chesecake Factory with family and a couple of friends...I love this picture

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27 weeks

Well this isn't last night, but today will have to do for pics. Cooper finally got better from his sickness and attended his first official class at church out of the nursery. He enjoyed playing with our college girls that came over for dinner on Sunday night. I should've taken a picture of them all together. Stephen Robertson came into town so we got to see him yesterday. That about wraps up our week, nothing to exciting happening around here. Oh we did go to the Yukon/Mustang football game, Cooper was not a fan of all the noise, we've never seen him cry when it got loud until Friday at the football game. He used to sleep through basketball games so this season may not be good, we'll find out in a couple of months!


Have you read this blog? If you haven't looked at it you should, I find it very interesting. Pics of Coop tonight.

Mama always said

Life's not fair....my loving husband forwarded this email to me today:

Could you send an e-mail out to the faculty and staff letting them know that Starbucks is beginning a teacher appreciation program on Monday, September 8th. Beginning on the 8th, teachers with a school ID will receive a free tall coffee every Monday at Starbucks.

Considering he doesn't like coffee and I'm the one that gets up with our son (right now we're averaging 4 times a night since he's STILL sick) I think I'm the sleep deprived parent that needs the coffee to survive 8 hours of reading nothing but deeds, oil and gas leases, and mortgages all day. Although in reality I prefer a tall nonfat carmel machiatto, I'd take the plain coffee too.

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