7 months

Well here are 29 and 30 weeks combined since we took a brief break to brag on Cousin Levi. This week we had to rearrange our furniture in our living room and keep things cleaned up, why you might ask....well as I've said before Cooper has been tempting us for a while with his mad crawling skills. On Wednesday I went to Stillwater for work (and got to have lunch with my first child Colby!) and my mom called and said Cooper was crawling everywhere. He's not completely stable, but everyday he gets better. I find him a lot in the bathroom "talking". We have to lock the rocking chair and put up the ottomon becase Cooper likes to think he can stand up with those. That's just a disaster waiting to happen. He tries to pull up on just about everything, so we'll see how long this crawling thing last. He also likes to pull up the corner of the rug in the living room, I was wondering if the wood floors would bother him when he started crawling, the answer is, not at all. He's not to adventureous yet, mostly he'll stay in whatever room you put him in, except he goes from his room to the bathroom, which could easily be solved by me closing the bathroom door. So that's pretty big news at our house. He's also getting a tooth, his front tooth is coming in, he won't show it to you, everytime I try to look at it he sticks his tong tongue out, so I'll try to get a picture of it, but don't count on it. He are some pics from the past couple of weeks.


gingela5 said...

Oh Cooper--I love you. The day he walks up to me in the nursery is going to be the weirdest day EVER! YAY for crawling.

The Warriors said...

He does look SUPER cute in that brown striped outfit!! Where did you get it??

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